Community update - blog transfer , delegation and other things

Pranz blog has been successfully transferred on Hive blockchain with the Engrave/dBlog, so we will be able to keep our own domain but also post unique content on Hive.

The previous website on Tribe didn't live up to the expectations of the writers and is set for deletion, while domain registrar is transferred to dBlog server.

Content will continue to be submitted by members either directly if they make a Hive account or per request, communication methods stay the same and the payment will be delivered according the previous agreement.

Admin will post newsletter on Twitter from own Twitter account, and maintain it with the Revue newsletter app under either previously set URL or Revue URL.

For the needs of posting and account activities an admin delegated 100 SP to pranz community account.

Group will adhere to the rules of Hive community and post under appropriate communities and topics.

Links are:
Peakd: @pranz
Blog/newsletter: (
Twitter contact:
Admin on Hive: @aschatria

In total we have five writers who will cover most of the weekly posting, but if you wish to join the group be free to contact.

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