Photocircle Bounty Program: re-Structured "Rules & Rewards"

What is the Photocircle Bounty program?

The program designed to reward Steemians for their participation to the curation & engagement in a meaningful discussion with other users or participants.

How does it work?

Each day, Photocircle will feature 3-5 photos (by Steemit photographers) that are tagged to #photocircle. The name of the Steemit photographer will be hidden until the announcement of the winners of the specific bounty sequence.

The featured photos will be sorted by any Steemian and rank each photo based on their personal judgement.

The Steemian must provide a meaningful comment stating the reason why he/she ranked one of the photos as Rank #1.


Who will win the bounty?

The Steemian's comment who will acquire the most upvotes will win part of the bounty.

Note: We will count the numbers of upvoters to your comment and not the amount of rewards of your comment.


How to win part of the bounty?

Please follow the "3 easy rules" stated below to be eligible.

  1. Resteem this post to increase awareness about this program

  2. Rank the featured photos using the format below. We have included the markdown format that you must use.

Copy & Paste this markdown to your comment and use it as the template

Featured PhotoRanking
Image-ARANK #??
Image-BRANK #??
Image-CRANK #??
Image-DRANK #??
Image-ERANK #??


  1. Provide a meaningful comment and state why did you choose one of the images as Rank #1

NOTE: The table of ranking & "your reasoning" should be completed in a single comment only.


How much is the bounty?

We will start the base amount of the bounty with 3 Steem tokens.

Any donations from other users will be added to the bounty as well.


How do we distribute the bounty?

The Steemian with the most votes on his/her comment will win the biggest part of the bounty.
TOP 1 COMMENTER = 40% of the current bounty amount

TOP 2 COMMENTER = 30% of the current bounty amount

TOP 3 COMMENTER = 10% of the current bounty amount


And then 20% of the current bounty amount will be evenly distributed among the other commenters that are eligible by following the rules correctly.


NOTE: A user can only win one of the winning spot once in every bounty sequence.


How about the featured photos, what do they get?

The featured photos will be upvoted based on the result of the sorting of Steemians. The upvotes will be done in this manner:
Photo Rank #1 = 100% Photocircle upvote

Photo Rank #2 = 75% Photocircle upvote

Photo Rank #3 = 50% Photocircle upvote

Other photos will be rewarded with 20% Photocircle upvote.

NOTE: The Top photos will also have a chance to featured to the daily "BEST OF PHOTOCIRCLE CONTRIBUTORS POST" wherein the Steemit Photographer will win 1 Steem token as an additional reward.

Stay tuned for the next edition!
With appreciation, Photocircle team

To learn more about the new project feature, please click on the quest image below.

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