[ANN] Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit.


In the quest to find ways to "give-back" to the community, @davemccoy and @danielsaori happily presents our latest project. A project supported by the STEEM Witness, @danielsaori.

We have decided to tackle a problem that disproportionately affects newbies and minnows alike. It might seem small, and it is. In fact, it is so small we refer to it as dust. But just because its small, doesn't mean it's not meaningful. It adds up economically, but even more important it makes users with lesser vote values feel like their votes don't matter. This is especially true on comments.

Today we are pleased to present you with a membership service that will take care of dust, @dustsweeper. By joining @dustsweeper you will have your dust taken care of automatically. It's a friendly, simple to use bot that looks out for the newbies and minnows, and makes sure that you get paid from the votes that have been cast for you, no matter how small.

The way it works:

If you have an upvote that is less than $0.0249, then your value will show either $0.00, $0.01, or $0.02. @dustsweeper will see those values on day 6 of your post/comment and upvote you $0.028 automatically so that you will get paid on the balance of those upvotes you already have.

What does it cost:

There is no membership fee whatsoever, but there is a charge of $0.014 SBD for every dust vote we cast. That is half of the value of the upvote of $0.028. The way we keep track of it is that you send about 1 SBD/STEEM or more, we double the amount and keep the balance on hand. Every time we upvote your dust we will just take it from that balance. For example, you will get 71 dust votes before your 1 SBD runs out. When you get low on your balance, you will be notified so that you can top-up your @dustsweeper balance and be sure you don't miss any votes.

Dustsweeper is a community bot run by witness @danielsaori

This is a joint project by @davemccoy and @danielsaori and it's supported and operated by witness @danielsaori. The goal behind this service is to help the newbies and minnows get paid on the votes they already have, not to make a profit. The fees we charge should equal the cost to run the service and lease the SP to make those votes. If the bot makes a profit, then the surplus will be used do other things to help the community.

Inaugural Sponsors/Delegators

If anyone would like to contribute to the @dustsweeper program, you can send funds directly and become a community support sponsor or you can also delegate any amount of SP you would like to the project. To get this program started @danielsaori will be delegating 1000 SP and @davemccoy will be delegating 200 SP.

Abuse Precautions Taken

First, we would hope that people wouldn't scheme such a helpful program to help people get paid for upvotes that fall into the category of dust. But since we are aware that there are sometimes people prone to coming up with such schemes, we will be on the lookout for it and use tools we have worked on to minimize abuse of the system. Naturally, this will be a work in process as with every day that goes by we will have more data to sift through and put the proper systems in place to progressively improve the program.

Purpose of @danielsaori witness

As a new witness @danielsaori has dedicated his witness to improve the community at large. Specifically to help the newbies and minnows to grow strong and vibrant so that the platform can develop in a healthy manner. The @dustsweeper program is a great initiative that fits that vision. It will help the people that participate, but may not be connected to the large players in the system. It will give them a way to feel like their voices can be heard even if the upvotes they receive are less than a penny. We welcome any of the other witnesses and larger Steemians to join us in this project, as since it is a community account and intended to help everyone feel that their vote really does count!

When you get dust, who are you gonna call?

  • Just transfer 1 STEEM/SBD to @dustsweeper and you are set.

Please consider voting @danielsaori as a Witness.

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