Care home fundraiser help

I’m helping my awesome wife (@radicalpears) spread the word about her fundraising efforts for a local care home here in Huddersfield, UK.


She’s working on reaching her target of £800 to be raised for Botham Hall Care Home community - with her book pledge

It’s a local care home to us, and the fundraiser is to supply new activity books and jigsaws to the elderly residents.
The residents would love the magic painting books and other various reading activities to help keep them busy and engaged.


My wife is doing great work so far in talking to new people to raise the funds, and any donations from Hiveans would be greatly appreciated in going towards it.
She is an expert in Usborne books and works hard to get the right books in to the hands of those who need them.

Here is the PayPal donation page:

There’s no pressure to get involved, and equally no amount too small or big.

Thanks for your attention :)

I will donate the total payout from this post to the PayPal link, in the GBP equivalent . :)

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