Exploring Steem Communities: Here's a Video of What's Possible, in case you Missed the Steemwave Radio Live Stream


Every weekend, I spend two hours on Saturday hanging out live, chatting with people from around the Steem ecosystem talking about technology, community, answering questions and facilitating discussion. This last week, it was all about Communities!

      There's a lot of laughing, a lot of swearing (I mean, my mouth... yikes) and a lot of really useful dialogue about whatever might be happening around the blockchain. Sometimes the shows trend to more technical, and sometimes it's a big gathering a friends chatting live about the thing they love and listening to some cool music. The show is widely shaped by you and what you think is important week to week.

By ultra popular demand, scroll down for a video of a recording of last week's show. You will see me break down a lot of the features and UI of upcoming Steem Communities, as well as show how easy it will be to make one of your own.

     You'll see the show is very conversational — everything is recorded on the fly and streamed live in real time while responding to the large group of live viewers who join in the discussion every week. I've cut out the licensed music, and some of the chitty chat we have each week that was very off topic to Communities. Here are some key points this video covers (among other things) if you want to scrub through and cherry pick information or your just curious what we talked about and explored on the Steemit UI:

✨Friend Feeds
✨Community Feeds
✨Muting and Moderation
✨Gamification and Visible stats changes
✨Community Creation

Check out the Steemwave Radio Communities Episode video below:

Steemwave Radio is made possible by you!

      If you ever have some spare time and you want to meet a bunch of cool, dedicated Steemians, join in the dialogue, have a question you want to ask or a topic you want to get people chatting about, or maybe just want to hear a synthwave track or two, come hang out with me on MSPWaves for the live stream. It's a lot of fun and the dozens of participants each week make it a cool place to spend some time. You can learn more at MSPwaves.com or pop into the PALnet discord on Saturdays.

Are you a Steemwave attendee? Tell me more about how I can do better/be more interesting/more of what you want to see and hear. Thanks for riding the waves with me~

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