A Good Time To Charge In and Get Serious...

"A Month Ago..." Wow. I hate seeing that designation on my most recent post. It makes me all too aware of how rapidly time is passing and how little I'm doing with it! I've gotta write more!

There's certainly been no shortage of things to write about. Or as I like to call it when I'm freewriting and rambling like this; "blaaaagh" about. Since my last post it seems like NFTs (or at least conversation arguments about NFTs) have taken over the world. Hive has been steadily strengthening in price and activity. I, like many others on Hive, got my first taste of the world of DeFi thanks to the rollout of CubFinance by the @leofinance team. And I've taken up a bit of Gods Unchained gaming to add to my other various blockchain based obsessions.

Oh yeah, and I tried to get at least a bit of work done on "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." too!

IMG_0904 2.jpeg

There's a look at Julie bemusedly advancing into battle. Yes, she's serious. It's a pretty fitting metaphor for how I feel about the cryptosphere and life in general at the moment. And let's face it, I needed some pretty graphics for my post and to pimp my stuff, so I'll shoehorn that metaphor into place if it's the last thing I do!

Even though I've been consistently involved with Hive (and its predecessor) for almost five years, as optimism for the future begins to grow, there's always that feeling that I should have done more. But of course the best time to start doing more is always right now, so it's a good time to charge into the fray and get more serious!

Here's the above panel with some inks I started on tonight, within the context of the larger page I've already begun to preview, you know... about a month ago!


This page, from issue #1 of "I Thought It Would Be Zombies...", along with a couple others that are nearing completion will soon become my first NFT mints of sequential interior pages.

Earlier this evening I reduced the Hive prices of my existing works on NFT Showroom to account for the recent rise in Hive value and did a bit of self promotion on the 'ol Twitter. A big thanks to @midlet through @onchainart who jumped in on an edition of "Awakenings."

These post images, along with serving my rather flimsy metaphor... are also another preview of what's ahead and a look at exactly what each purchase of my NFTs, and each vote and interaction on my Hive content is supporting. It is always appreciated, and I'm eager to reward all my supporters from the present and the past (I haven't forgotten all you Fundition people!) with additional content, airdrops, and goodies.

More details and announcements will come in future posts, and I'd love to take time to explore and write about all those fun topics I mentioned up top too, along with continuing to share some awesome comics I'm reading and tools and resources for fellow creators through my fledgling Creating Comics Community.

In short... expect to see some more of me! (I hope.) I really don't want to see a month go by between postings again. After a harrowing 2020, Hive is the cornerstone of a lot of my hopes, ambitions, and just plain fun here in 2021! It's time I started acting like it.

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

Follow me for more behind the scenes looks at the creation of "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." Your votes help support its production! Also look for limited edition digital artwork for sale on NFTShowroom.com


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