Color Challenge - Yellow Wednesday - Blanket


The Deplorable Choir's "Mother Zucker" song is going viral, at least in my mind, and that is what I love about memes. This is a photo from an interview video between me as Red Dog in 2001 with Savannah Larson and I talked as if I was a big bad gangster, maybe like Mark Zuckerberg.

Color Challenge - Yellow Wednesday - Blanket -

2018-04-11 Wednesday 11:14 AM LMS 2001-08 APX - CC YW Wall -
By Oatmeal Joey Arnold -

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Mark censored Diamond & Silk, and Agenda of Evil.

This photo represents new beginnings at least to some extent and you can be honest during confrontations which Mark Zuckerberg is not doing and he is not under oath and he is the fall guy to some extent. Government and corporations and social media are trying to be our mommy and our daddy to tell us what is safe and unsafe. They get to define what is hate speech or spam or what is terrorism related and in what is not instead of we the people. On television, and even online, and all around, they are telling us during the Zuckerberg Facebook Trial that Facebook has to censor even more and have more artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm centralized control over we the people around the world in the same ways China and North Korea and the Nazis and Mao and Stalin and Lenin and others, do. We the people are awakening to take a stand for free speech and for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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