Color Challenge - Purple Sunday - Her Shirt


Take the time to love the people around you because that is resurrection and that is rejuvenation and that is revolution and that is our song, our dance, and this is my Color Challenge entry for this Easter 2018 Sunday Afternoon for Purple Sunday, 2018-04-01, the first of April, 4 PM LMS, April Fools Day, by Oatmeal Joey Arnold OJA L4OJ, and this photo is from 2015-01-19 at the 23/9 park with a girl I liked. Cherish these moments even if they never come back. Share them as much as you can.

Color Challenge -

2018-04-01 Sunday 4 PM LMS -CC Purple Sunday - Her Shirt -
By Oatmeal Joey Arnold @ JoeyArnoldVN

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