Image made by xpilar

z7a15u.jpg image source

This image is made of own imagination and thought by one of the best designers on steemit by name @xpilar for the 64th competition.
Below is my story and contribution to colorchallenge Friday Skyblue.
Looking at the image, I sense the smell of violence between two aerospace heros.
At first, I thought that it was a bomb but if it was a bomb, there would have been fire all over the regions affected.
This collision might have happened due to the fact that these two spaceships lost course and ended up like what you see above.
Was it intentionally done?
I'll say no for each of these spaceships is costly to waste like this and survival in this very part of the solar system is very hard since there is no oxygen to take in.
This is my own view.
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Friday is Sky-blue
Saturday is Indigo
Sunday is Purple
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