Some people won’t believe in evil until the jackboots are kicking in their front door.

When police are enforcing, not laws on the books, but rules arbitrarily dictated and changing at the whim of dictators what we are seeing here is evil. That sounds like an antique Biblical word and it is. But there’s no other word that really fits.

But the more we see disgraceful displays like police arresting a pastor and putting him before a judge who can sentence him to six years in prison though he has hurt no one and broken no laws? Or the shameful display of police arresting and cuffing and hauling away a pregnant young mother in front of her crying little children because some officious little manager of an arena was not presented with a “proof of Covid vaccination” and gloried in the delicious power he somehow has been given to call down armed police to treat this innocent and harmless young mother like a terrorist? The more we see these disgraceful spectacles the more we are waking up to reality.

This is a house of cards, this two year old edifice of terror and ignorance, this bawling monstrous infant dictatorship screaming for the nourishment of our children’s lives and liberty, this evil, it will not endure. It is not sustainable. The contradiction between lies and reality flies in the face of a free people. We have eyes to see reality with and ears to hear reality with and minds to tell fact from lies.

It will become more evident as this Covid Cold War on global humanity heats up. Reality is not the toy of ambitious men. They propose to put the chains of digital slavery on the entire globe and they trade on people’s civility and contemptuously use their lack of information to do it without provoking meaningful resistance. Already the resistance is building. It looks increasingly like people who know they haven’t done anything wrong won’t accept the almost instant transition from “Call 911 for police protection against criminals” to “Get on your knees because we have the guns and you don’t and we say you are a criminal for breathing and moving and working and living like a human being."

Police ought to remember who pays their bills. Police are supposed to be arresting criminals. Police are not supposed to be arresting pastors for keeping their churches open in defiance of a government order. Police are not supposed to be manhandling and kidnapping innocent young mothers as if they were the Gestapo. Covid is now esteemed higher than God to these people who have – on paper! – been elected by our franchise.

Zuby calls them the Covidians. It’s an appropriate term because Covid is their god. They are fanatics who are best described in terms of religious archetypes. They are religionists but they don’t know it. Tyranny in the service of “Health and Safety” seems rational to them so blinded are they by their own lies.

These terrible new religionists are fervent in their belief in Godlessness. To them the religions of the common people are all myths and fictions which stupid creatures of flesh and blood and bone believe in because they are nothing but twitching hunks of animal material. People, they believe, will as easily be fooled by our magic tricks as any more ancient fictions. Today they will gladly throw their children into the maw of our idol we call Covid. Tomorrow they will still feed our artificial beast when we call it Climate and criminalize the carbon cycle of life.

The subordinate Covidians, our politicians and Public Health Officers ask only, “What is Thy bidding my Master?” And what do the High Priests of this god, this Covid, command? The digital slavery of every living human. All privacy is to be abolished except for Corporate Privacy. All property is to be signed over to the high priests of Covid. All people are to Own Nothing while the Holy High priests of Covid are to own Everything.

The priests and cultists of the New Order, the world regime of Medical Science, propose to change the world utterly while the contemptible masses of obsolete human animals will not even notice the change. That’s what they think.

How do I know that that’s what they think? Klaus Schwab, impresario of an assembly of the most powerful people on earth, the World Economic Forum, repeatedly announces the intention to create the Great Reset. “You will own nothing and you will be happy,” he said. You can download the YouTube video of him saying that. You can read it in his book, "The Great Reset". Schwab proposes to steal and hoard your bank account and turn you into a number. In the old days you’d have had a number tattooed in black ink on your arm. Now the number is invisible. It’s been injected Into your very genes.

In effect the World Economic Forum will become the sole legislative assembly of the New World Government. This WEF Assembly will have one sole power, the power to enforce global obedience to whatever commandments the High Priests and Delphic Auricles of the New World Order will pretend to relay from their idol.

“Covid" or “Climate" or some other name, “The Environment” or any other name that stupid human animals can be made to accept, what’s the difference? It’s all useful lies. There is no Truth because there is no God. There is no integrity because there is no identity that can’t be made up. There is nothing wrong or right but thinking makes it so, as Hamlet said so sarcastically but they believe is true. Theirs is the thinking of a psychopath.

The strange effect upon anyone who thinks belief is a fraud is that they become the fanatic religionists of Lies. They are magicians who believe in their own tricks. They are liars who inevitably fall to the seduction of their own lies.

They think themselves to be secularists whose foundation is Science and Science is Truth and the proof of Science is in its power to control the human mind and destroy or create the illusion of Integrity at “our" will. This ideology is insane. These people, Gates and Schwab and Bezos and the rest, who think themselves to be masters are as human as any of the most lowly humans they propose to herd like sheep. They have beasts within themselves which are bursting the bonds.

Like Hitler, they are prisoners of their own fanaticism. Like Hitler in the last days of his life and his madness they have found Humanity unworthy of their vision of perfection. Like Hitler in those last mad days in his bunker in ruined Berlin ordered the destruction of the modern infrastructure of Germany they have ordered their servants to extinguish failed, fleshy humanity all over the world. Already they have so crippled the normal systems of production and distribution that the world economy is on the verge of collapse. This collapse will mean that millions more humans will starve.

Do you think I’m crazy to imagine that these people are determined to kill humans in droves? What do you think Overpopulation Reduction is? What do you think Bill Gates means when he promises to reduce world population through Vaccinations? That glint in his eye is the Psychopath’s duping delight. There’s no depth to him. He’s all surface.

But psychopaths always come to failure in the end because their mental world is built on lies. Insanity, even moral insanity, has no survival value. Reality always wins over insanity. It will become more plain that the world really is the Kingdom of God, the God of Truth, and not the throne of satan after all. The wrath of God will prove it.

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