A Brewed Awakening - My Short Circuiting Coffee Withdrawal

It was heading towards late afternoon when the electricity started going for a loop. I tried all sorts of interesting fault finding techniques to track down the faulty circuit, but didn't really find it. Somewhere between the geyser, stove, fridge, kettle and main bedroom circuits, something had got damp or exposed. Those two terms are not particularly fun when you're talking about electricity, especially when it dawns on you that you won't be able to make dinner for your kid or make coffee for the rest of the evening or in the morning.

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Needless to say, this got me a little irritated, but at least I had the plug and light circuits in the lounge and could charge the necessary devices that would possibly definitely be relied on to survive some of the evening. Dinner was going to have to be elsewhere and my caffeine levels were starting to run low (I don't actually have a warning light like a car does but I might as well).

Anyone that knows me even slightly will know that I am an absolute coffee fiend, so it was time to gather up Lory and head out to find sustenance. I decided the local Spur would have to do. Of course the battery of my primary phone was almost flat so I left that at home to charge while I took my back up phone with me for "in case of emergency" comms.

We headed out to Falcon Creek Spur, about 5kms away from the cabin and I must say that while we have largely avoided most places where people congregate even before C19 came along, it was actually quite pleasant to be greeted at the door and welcomed in by very friendly staff who seemed genuinely happy to see us. Maybe we were happy to see them? Who knows, but it felt authentic and I appreciated that.

We settled in to have some food while the rain was bucketing down outside and we looked out over the dock area where yachts and catamarans bobbed sleepily. There were even a few nutcases canoeing in the rain. My phone battery only lasted about 10 minutes into our sit down here so there were no photos of the food I ordered (and devoured), but it was a perfect opportunity to have a proper chat with Lory who has some very interesting ideas for her age and to leave all the complicated stuff from the day to one side.

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I must admit that I did not enjoy being muzzled while sitting there waiting for our drinks and the claustrophobia was rather bristling. As soon as my coffee arrived, it was the perfect excuse to rip that face mask off and take a deep, caffeine infused breath.


Lory and I ate our grub while talking about hair salons (her topic of choice tonight) and we got some take away coffee and hot chocolate to keep us going until bedtime. It was kinda cool that the food that Lory chose included potato smiley faces which made us both grin and she got a puzzle to bring home with her which was a nice little bonus.

Spur Puzzle.png

I was able to arrange with an electrician to come and check it out, so hopefully we can get it sorted in the next day or two. It gave me a sense of relief for the night.
You don't realize how dependent you are on your circuit board until it doesn't work for some reason. You also don't realize how addicted to coffee you really are until something like this happens lol (no, not really - I already knew how bad my love affair with coffee actually is).

All things considered (even including this electrical short), today was still a really enjoyable and pleasant day. I had phone conversations with three of my favourite people, spent time feeding the pigeons on the back patio with Lory, we went out even though the weather wasn't great, had scrumptious food and I got to laugh a lot today at interesting things like vintage style ice cream scoops and camera lens shaped coffee travel mugs...you know - the things that great conversations are made of.

Life seemed complicated during parts of today as well and at one point all I wanted to do was escape to an off-grid cabin in the woods and not have to worry about electricians or politicians for a few years - but I persevered ... got some important work done and I still have a smile on my face. I guess that's what counts at the end of it.


I'm sure as hell going to struggle in the morning without coffee though - Please send me strength!


All images in this post are my own unless otherwise stated.

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