Advent of Code 2018 is available in 2 days

Advent of code event will be starting in less than 40 hours! I will be starting a private leaderboard, feel free to join it.

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What is advent of code?

Every December, advent of code website will release challenges for you to solve. You can solve it in whatever computer languages you want or even do it by hands and calculators.

The challenges will be released on daily basis from 1st of December until 25th, where there will be 25 challenges all together.

My repository

I had created a new repository for this event where I will be solving this challenge in TypeScript alongside with Jest for testing.

Join my challenge

Let's see who will be the fastest to solve all the questions on advent of code!

(P.S. method on joining the leaderboard is below)

How to join my private leaderboard?

  1. Go to and log in with Twitter/Github/Google/Reddit.
  2. Go to the private leaderboard site at and key in my code 245681-5b115846, and you can join my private leaderboard!
  3. After u join, start coding and solved the challenges.

Tagging some awesome peeps to join

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