Another world


I'd ignored Clubhouse for a while. It seemed like an ADHD nightmare. Also a bit like a podcast that you might have missed the beginning of, with very little information about who was speaking or what the actual subject was. Many of these conversations have been compared to the sorts of conference panels we used to have in the before times, again, if you don't know someone on stage or have a burning desire to learn about the subjects, then why would you go? Why not go and do something more productive yourself?

It turns out that while there are probably a few gems in there, the majority is exactly this kind of rubbish that is more designed for predatory "mavens" and "influencers" to build their following and sign up suckers to their grift than anything else.

This title and description just summed it up for me. I shared it on insta and FB myself and other people's reactions led me to say"

Today I learned the BEST strategy for driving engagement is "take the piss out of influencers trying to drive engagement"