Coded Bias | An Average Introductory Technology Ethics Documentary


Coded Bias is a documentary that touches on an important topic - the algorithms that have come to rule our lives aren't infallible. In fact, all they pretty much do is project the world as it is now into the future.

'The computer said so', is an excuse i've heard since the 90s and for many, we have come to accept the word of the computer as truth. But as the documentary shows, the data that is fed into the algorithm determines the output. Garbage in, garbage out.

The other important point that the documentary touches on is the surveillance and facial recognition technology that is becoming more prevalent in society. This is predominantly rolled out and targets poorer areas. But an even bigger problem is that the dataset for minorities tends to be skewed.

While the movie raises a number of major concerns, i would have preferred if they delved deeper into the tech or give more examples of skewed data and its implications instead of focusing so much time on the people who are fighting against the bias.

Personally, if you're interested in the topic of biased algorithms, it would be better to read a few articles that would give you a much better picture.

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