The Lake House(2006)


Love is a gift from God, and when two people fall in love, it is one of the most incredible emotions which can't be expected. These emotions are unbearable and untouchable. Today I'm going to discuss a romantic film called "The Lake House-2006," which is an American science fiction romance film directed by Alejandro Agresti. First and foremost, this is a remake film, and the storyline is based on the Korean movie "IL Mara." This is the best romantic film I've ever seen, both in terms of direction and acting. Where it comes to the actors and actresses, all are well-known and have performed outstanding work. Keanu Reeves is one of my favorite actors; I've admired him since I was a teenager, so I deeply enjoyed the film.

Releasing Date: 2006
Personal Rating: 6.8/10
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10
Director: Alejandro Agresti
Writer: David Auburn, Eun-Jeong Kim, Ji-na Yeo
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Christopher Plummer...

This film begins with a scene of a lady leaving a lovely lake house, but, before she left, she left a message inside the letterbox located in front of the lake house. And the lady's name is Kate. After she left, a new guy called Alex bought the lake house and moved in. Alex discovered the letter left by Kate. In the letter, Kate said that she used to live there before Alex and that if somehow any letter comes under her name, he should send it to her. She also said that there are dog paws in front of the house and a box under the basement that was there even before she came here. Alex searched both the dog footprints and the box but found none. But, assuming that this was a mistake, he responded to her that what she wrote was nothing there.

But something strange happened when Alex received the second letter from Kate, in which she said that she was in 2006, but in Alex's calendar it was 2004. After both of them realized they were from different timelines and were connected by the letterbox. They start talking with each other through that letterbox. Kate was a doctor, it was valentines day when she saw someone had an accident on the road, she tried to save him but she couldn't. Kate & Alex started to feel for each other. One day Alex told Kate to travel to some of his favorite places & they went to travel to those places at the same time but in different time frames.

One day Kate told Alex that she lost a book in 2004 at the rail station. Could he bring that book to her? She also said that it was her father's book, and she adored it. Both of them tried hard to meet with each other, but they failed. Then Alex went for that book on that rail station that was mentioned by Kate. That day Alex saw Kate first saw her with a guy and fell in love with her charm, but he couldn't give her the book. Both Kate & Alex became desperate to meet with each other, but they failed. Finally, Kate gave up & told Alex to forget her.

Alex one day went near the house & met with Morgan, who was actually Kate's boyfriend; Morgan invited Alex for dinner that night. That day, Alex remembered why Morgan and Kate had separated; that night, Kate was sitting outside when Alex came by and brought her the book she had misplaced at the station; she was overjoyed. They were dancing that night, and suddenly they began kissing each other, which Morgan saw & broke up with kate.

A few months later, Kate met with Alex's brother; Alex, his brother, and his father were all architects; when Alex's brother showed the design of the lake house, she recognized it and asked Alex's brother who designed it. When Alex's brother replied that this design completed by his brother Kate began to remember everything about Alex, she also realized that the man who died in the car accident was Alex, she quickly went to the lake house and posted a letter to Alex warning him not to go near the shopping complex. But Alex had already left for the shopping complex, despite the fact that somehow he got that letter from Kate finally met with Kate. It is the love that brought them together.

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