China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-05-07



Sinopharm: Chinese Covid vaccine gets WHO emergency approval

"With little data released internationally early on, the effectiveness of the various Chinese vaccines has long been uncertain.
But the WHO on Friday said it had validated the "safety, efficacy and quality" of the Sinopharm jab"

--- They have still not released all their data, so I wonder how much more the WHO got. We'll see whether the WHO publishes some more info than the Chinese themselves. Another problem is that we cannot really trust the WHO in anything related to China. So, I would wait for the approval of authorities in countries which are not China vassals.

"The WHO noted that few adults over the age of 60 were included in clinical trials, so efficacy could not be estimated for this age group."

--- But hey, no problem there. Just trust those Chinese companies. Never heard of a Chinese company lying or faking anything.


EU says not seeking escalation with China, working on investment deal

"The situation is less dramatic than people seem to think. We are still working very closely with (China's) Ministry of Commerce
[...] "political space" needs to be created for the European Parliament to approve it"

--- As expected. Those fools in the EU are still trying to get their trade deal. They're just waiting for the current anti-CCP wind to blow over & then try to get it through the EU parliament.
& as if the EU wasn't weak enough when it comes to China, Hungary is vetoing even the slightest criticism:

Hungary gags EU ministers on China

"EU countries have shelved plans to issue a statement of moral support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, due to Hungary's veto"

--- A statement of moral support. The usual weak stuff from the EU, but for Hungary obviously still too strong.

"Hungary has a track record of vetoing or trying to water down EU criticism of China, Israel, and Russia
[...] Regretfully, they [Hungary] chose China over the EU [as allies]"

--- How about a Hunxit? Come on, Orban, you can do it! That would make it even easier for you to bend over for emperor Xi.

Human rights have no place in Swiss-Chinese trade deal

"Neither the European Commission nor the European Parliament is currently in favor of closer ties with Beijing. Ratification of the Comprehensive Agreement of Investment (CAI) has been put on hold because of China's human rights abuses."

--- Nonsense. The deal was shelved for the time being because they couldn't get the necessary majority in the parliament. The EU commission obviously still wants to see the CAI ratified.


India blocks China-made wireless device imports: Report

"Imports from China of finished electronic devices – like bluetooth speakers, wireless earphones, smartphones, smartwatches and laptops – containing wifi modules are being delayed"

--- Ooh, the CCP getting some of its own medicine. That must hurt the feelings of all Chinese people. (Well, mostly it hurts the pockets of tech companies, Chinese or not.)

"Modi’s government this week omitted Chinese electronics maker Huawei from a list of participants in its 5G mobile telecommunications trials"

--- Good on India.


Adidas reports 150% sales hike in China despite local boycott over human rights

"sales in China grew by 156% over the first three months of the year.
This comes despite a boycott by some mainland Chinese consumers"

--- Which probably shows that Chinese nationalists, nazis & nammies probably have much less influence in & on society than social media activity indicates.
Speaking of nammies & their influence:


U.S. embassy apologizes for asking Chinese students, 'Are you like this dog ... ?'

"Spring has come and the flowers are in bloom. Are you like this dog who can’t wait to go out and play?"

--- Who doesn't like a cute dog wanting to play, right?

"The social media post in question was meant to be lighthearted and humorous. We took it down immediately when we saw it was not received in the spirit we intended"

--- Here's where the influence of nammies shines. Western idiots who are afraid of 'hurting the feelings' of people in other countries. But most people in these countries either don't care, anyway, or they understand the 'insult' the way it was originally intended. Such apologies only increase the influence of a very loud minority. Worse yet, even Western academics fall for this noise:

"Chinese "netizens" had a heightened sensitivity of late, in part because of tensions with the U.S., and in part because nationalism in China had been “put on steroids” under the leadership of President Xi Jinping"

--- It's not 'Chinese netizens', but only a small subset thereof.



China military watch

Wipe references to China, Soas lecturers told



--- China Uncensored has the weekend news variety again:


--- WION: "Reality of China's concentration Camps stands exposed"


--- BBC News: Chinese rocket to come crashing down to Earth at unknown location

--- WION: Gravitas: China pollutes more than the developed world put together

--- Quartz: China's 'soft power' in Kenya



„Niemand kann uns schlagen oder die Luft abdrehen“

"lobt sich Xi Jinping für den Umgang mit der Pandemie und ruft China zu mehr Selbstständigkeit auf. „Danach zu urteilen, wie unterschiedliche Führungen und politische Systeme in der Welt mit der Pandemie umgegangen sind, können wir deutlich sehen, wer es besser gemacht hat.“"

--- Jau. Das kleine, demokratische Taiwan hat es deutlich besser hingekriegt als die große, mächtige VRC.


Die „Bank der Asiaten“ verabschiedet sich aus fossilen Brennstoffen

"Die Asiatische Entwicklungsbank (ADB) will die Finanzierung von Kohle, Öl- und Gasprojekten beenden
[...] außer wenn diese Kraftwerke auf saubere Brennstoffe wie Gas oder erneuerbare Energien umgestellt werden"

--- Hä? Was denn jetzt? Ist Gas sauber oder nicht?

"Die Wende trifft Asiens Politiker hart: Denn in Indien, Indonesien oder China setzen die Regierungen weiterhin auf den massiven Ausbau der Kohleverbrennung"

--- Pfff... Chinas Politiker wird das kaum kümmern, dort hat man eigene Banken. Die übrigens auch Kohleprojekte weltweit fördern.


Treibhausgase: China überholt erstmals alle Industrieländer zusammen

"Mit seinen rund 1,4 Milliarden Menschen erreichen Chinas Emissionen pro Kopf gerechnet 10,1 Tonnen und liegen damit etwas unter dem OECD-Niveau mit 10,5 Tonnen – aber deutlich niedriger als in den USA, die mit 17,6 Tonnen pro Kopf gerechnet viel stärker zur Erderwärmung beitragen"

--- Ah, das wird der Atmosphäre helfen.

"Kumulativ sei China allerdings "noch weit davon entfernt", die historischen Beiträge der Industrieländer zum Treibhauseffekt seit 1750 zu überholen."

--- Ja, ja, die ganzen westlichen Erbsünden. Damit können wir China natürlich schön vom Haken lassen. Die KPCh darf also ruhig noch ein paar Jahrzehnte auf Kohle setzen.
vgl.: China-Boom auf Kosten der Umwelt?


Warum ich nicht mehr nach China reise

"Thorsten Benner [...:...] Die Gründe dafür verdeutlichen, dass Pekings Repression nicht nur die eigene Bevölkerung, sondern längst auch ausländische Forscherinnen erreicht hat."

--- Also gehört der Thorsten nicht zu den Betroffenen? Oder ist der Thorsten eine die? Sorry, aber kann nicht viel mehr aus dem Text zitieren, da mich diese hirnlose Genderei ganz konfus macht.


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