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In Venezuela today, the common interest in helping others has lost ground. It is possible that the same situation country, has caused this kind of loss among all the brothers of this society. Of course, it is not a secret that the economic situation greatly influences and therefore, every time; We see more depth of this issue among all Venezuelans. However, I believe that you can not faint in the rescue of values ​​and principles such as helping others.

For some time, due to a situation of family health, I have had to live the experience with a depth that I had not previously perceived. In spite of this family situation, I have tried to do clothes-making in the community where I live, since I am a faithful believer that our society can improve to the extent that each member changes consciousness. Of course, I am clear that the financial situation must be a goal to achieve to achieve better things.


My beginning in steemit was by the hand of great friends and teachers, who let me develop my own ideas within the community and more than see obstacles, rather they offered support to my ideas. Therefore, the first thing I thought was how to bring the platform to the people of the community, as a social contribution so that more people knew about the steemit platform and, in turn, dreams were built for those who needed it. Faithful to that idea, about 15 days ago, support was given to the Christian church "Dios Con Nosotros" in the community of Chupadero, El Socorro municipality in Guárico state, Venezuela.

The aforementioned church is directed by Pastor Crisnar Ramírez and for some years there have been activities to benefit the community in one way or another. In this sense, a nice activity was carried out aimed at the children of the community, in which a small sharing was invited to bring the Christian word to the little ones of the house together with their parents and representatives. Of course, for being the youngest of the house, they were brought various attractions such as: clown, trampoline and inflatable for the healthy fun of children.

In view of the efforts to carry out this activity, my person considered contributing to the fun of the children and together with the young Mariangel Contreras (active member of the church) they gave each other piñatas for sharing with the children. Of course, as you can imagine, these boys and girls who were just going to jump on the Trampoline or the inflatable castle, got excited when they saw the piñatas for them, that after hearing the words of the Pastor, they proceeded to share the toys and candies with them.

As can be seen in the pictures below, the number of children was impressive and they were able to enjoy not only games like the ones mentioned above, but they also learned a little about the word of God through the Pastor and his church companions. By the way, the organization was excellent and they were even given ice cream and popcorn to the children. I can not deny that I felt impacted with the activity, because with very little, the goal was achieved and it was a different Saturday morning for the boys and girls of Chupadero.

The things of God have no understanding ... that is how many say and I consider that they are right. Perhaps, it is hard for us to understand the things of God, not because they are difficult, but because we must remain in communion with him. Therefore, the closer to this communication we are, the more likely we are to have an understanding of the things of God. In that sense, helping others as Jesus did, is a question of attitude that the more and more he habituated to do; closer we will be to achieve this communion with God.

Thanks to all those who support the work of clothing, it is not easy in Venezuela, but one at a time, you can go far ... Friends, we are all life's clothes-carriers; @fulltimegeek, @enginewitty, @anomadsoul, @crisangel, @enrique89, @votovzla, @reveur, @provenezuela ...

NOTE: The information collected in this post will be sent to the aforementioned Christian Church, since they are in their infancy and need the maximum possible collaboration for the construction of the temple for the praise to God. Needless to say, those who want to join this initiative, just contact me ...

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