One last push to gather entries for the Epic $260 CTP Tokens Giveaway!!
My voice still sounds funny on using the video recording on Dapplr but anyway..

Hello Buzzy Bees!

Last day of the Fireball event!
One last push for you to get entries for the Drawing tomorrow at 6pm Eastern live on CTP Blueprint Facebook!

So follow to get notified when it goes live!

So the challenge for the last push to get entries:

Make a post reviewing CTP Blueprint and what are your thoughts about the event, did you like it or not, what do you want to see more in the future and all that jazz and then share the post with me through Telegram or Discord!

Good luck and thank you so much for al the support!!

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Fireball Leaderboard

lisamgentile - 3479 Entries

maddogmike - 2842 Entries

joingail - 2658 Entries

bizventures - 2136 Entries

scottrohn - 2009 Entries

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