ChainGuardians Contest Entry - Warden Knot

I have been actively following the blockchain game ChainGuardians for a long time. At this point they have a playable Beta and are in the process of running their "Initial Dex Offering" (IDO) for their Governance Token.

For those who are not familiar with the game:

Chain Guardians is an upcoming anime and cryptocurrency/blockchain inspired turn based strategy game. Though it is a crypto inspired game, for the most part it looks and plays like a traditional game.

As the community is highly engaged at this point, they are running a series of contests. You can read more here.

Below you will find my entry for the Character Design Contest (which ends the 8th).

A few disclaimers before I continue:

  • I have taken screenshots of the official site and edited them for my character. They are created solely for the contest and are NOT real ChainGuardians resources.
  • I perform contract work for ChainGuardians. Though I know they will be fair in their judging, I am posting this publicly so that everyone can see exactly what I submit and judge it on its own merits.
  • Even if I win, I am NOT eligible for the IDO allocation granted by the first prize. I am hoping to win some NFTs though and I had a lot of fun making this character.

Meet Warden Knot


I created Warden Knot as the Guardian of Tether and his design and backstory is heavily inspired by it.

Warden Knot Character Page

As previously mentioned, I edited screenshots from the official site.



Warden Knot Game Stats

As the game is still being balanced, it is hard to determine his stat abilities. He would be on par with the existing characters of Mudra and Lolita.


All characters have a specific element from which they derive their power. Knot draws his power from Air and his signature weapon is a stun baton. While his stats are on par with the other characters, his special ability is where he stands out. His special attack is "Prison of Solitude". This low damage air attack causes the target to lose its next turn.

Visually I picture something like this attack from Pokemon or any number of series which have a "Thunder Cage" type attack.

Art from a pokemon wiki


Some criminals are too dangerous to keep near the general population. The mysterious man known as Filthy Lucre was one such villain. He arrived out of nowhere leading a detachment of genetically modified soldiers and wrought havoc on the city. After an intense battle his army was defeated and he was forced into a stalemate while dueling a young police officer named Knot.

The two exchanged countless blows, Knot's baton sparking every time it clashed against Lucre’s golden gauntlets. The fight seemed like it would stretch on for days until Lucre abruptly dropped his weapons and surrendered.

As a man sworn to protect and serve, it was Knot’s job to enforce the international laws and regulations. Despite the harm Lucre caused, Knot would not violate his oath and strike him down. His only option was to take him into captivity. Unfortunately Lucre proved just as harmful in prison as roaming free, corrupting the other inmates and driving them to rebel. Knot was forced to stop him again and again. Even in solitary confinement Lucre’s very existence managed to sow dissent.

Eventually the Governance Authority grew to fear his influence so much that they converted an old space station into a prison dedicated to keeping track of Lucre. They promoted Knot to warden as he was the only man capable of keeping him in captivity.

Now the two of them live isolated in space, the world relying on Warden Knot to be the custodian of Lucre. In order to protect the world Lucre must be held until the day he can finally be redeemed.

I had a lot of fun making the character and am proud to share him.

I urge everyone to check out ChainGuardians. It has a great setting and you can play completely for free.
Be warned the game is currently in Beta and the reward loop is not yet implemented.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

See you in the Cryptoverse!

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