Justin Sun extends his censorship to Steempeak


If you even mentioned Hive on Steem there is a good chance you are on Justin Sun's blacklist and are hidden from Steemit.com.

This isn't new news, Justin has blocked many well known Steemians like GTG, Ausbitbank, Anyx, Blocktrades and more.

There are also over 130 posts that have been censored individually with more being added daily.

With an update released yesterday, these users are now blocked on Steempeak as well. A change was made at the HiveMind layer to completely eliminate all traces of the users and posts Justin Sun disagrees with.

At this point, over 10,000 posts and comments I made over the last 3 years have been completely removed from all current front ends. All my rewards on Steem are systematically removed by a farmer who was given 1M SP delegation from Steemit Inc's misterdelegation.

How long until our funds are locked and we are unable to access our stake we have paid for and earned.



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