The Facebook, Google/YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Stitcher Conspiracy Against InfoWars/AlexJones

Social media and tech giants have conspired to silence the InfoWars/Alex Jones message and content today. In what seems like a coordinated effort of a 12 hour span, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Stitcher have blacklisted or banned InfoWars or Alex Jones from their platforms.

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Whether you agree or disagree with -- like or hate -- Alex Jones or InfoWars, this coordinated attack could spell the beginning of more media bias against independent media. It could have been that one just followed the lead of the other, but for all of them to remove IW/AJ content within hours is suspect and looks like a coordinated effort to send a message.

When people get together to do something, when they plot, unite and agree to "breathe" the same agenda in secret, it's a conspiracy. Conspire comes from the root "com" together + "spire" to breathe. It means to breathe together, the spirit of intent, the breath that motivates action.

Facebook, Google/YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Stitcher are conspiring to censor and ban an independent media voice online. A conspiracy to silence someone isn't a crime, but it's still a conspiracy to bring that agenda to fruition.

If they each had issues with InfoWars or Alex Jones, they wouldn't have engaged in a collective timed action against him. Each platform would have addressed the issue on their own, in their own time. How long before other independent media outfits are targeted the same way, all because the platforms don't like what the person talks about?

YouTube has been terminated accounts all year. YouTube and Facebook both issues warnings or temporary bans last week against AJ/IW. It seemed like a ban was imminent. But for not only both of them to act on the same day, but 3 other platforms, wreaks of mischief.

Who's next to follow YouTube or Facebook? Will other platforms shadow-ban, blacklist or outright ban alternative health content and accounts next, like Facebook has already been doing? Twitter has been shadow banning conservative-leaning content, and YouTube has been terminated many of those pages, with Facebook banning accounts as well. If we don't stand by people's right to speak informational content in an online market, anyone can be on the chopping block next.

AJ/IW, and other pages like SGTReport and more, have no recourse once they get removed from social media sites. The tech giants have welcomed users to create their popularity as open to anyone to speak anything (so long as it doesn't excite violence against others). And now, they are using their positions to blacklist certain content and users who they don't agree with.

But originally, they had no issue letting them in, so long as new users helped them grow in popularity and make more money. Now that they have dominance, they can get rid of the pesky people they don't want around. This could be just the beginning of an online purge of content that goes against the grain of the mainstream narrative.

First they came for InfoWars/Alex Jones, and we didn't do anything because weren't them. But tomorrow, we could all be the next IW/AJ if they don't like what we talk about and choose to censor or ban us. After years of the social media "Golden Age" of opportunity to network and connect in a wide market, are we now entering the "Dark Ages"?

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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