The Curation Circle Creed and what is behind it

Some of you may have already came across the @team-ccc account or #ccc tag. As the name implies, @team-ccc was originated from the "root word” #ccc. So what is #ccc? It stands for Curation Circle Creed, The Creed in short, or also referred to as The Honor Code. It states:

I will post original contents of original writing.
I will clearly and properly source references, text and other media, abiding by copyrights.
I will respect other people's opinion, nationality, religious belief, language, and culture.
I will abide by the rules laid out in the FAQ and generally accepted by the community.

#ccc was conceptualized by @freedomshift to help Steemians, especially newbies, grow on Steemit by the members helping each other.

The Creed was launched about five months ago with a bit longer original version. As the community continued to grow, opportunities for improvement were realized through learning from experience and from feedbacks or inputs from the supportive members. The Creed has then evolved up to what it is today.

With the negative effect of HF20 that restricted many newbies to engage fairly regularly on Steemit, coupled with differing personal interests especially in real life, the idea of the need for a #ccc account came up. This idea was to leave the #ccc with its common interest and goal with the community from personal matters using personal account.

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In 17th October 2018, @team-ccc came into the Steem platform. The purpose of this account is basically the same as the original mission of #ccc: to help other Steemians especially the newbies grow even after the HF20 negative impact. It is a non-profit, non-business mindset account that will support good quality posts or comments to encourage more engagement and keep Steemians stay in the platform. Members do not need to buy shares or something before getting a support. Anyone can join anytime.

How do you become a member? It is simple:

  • Post good quality articles while keeping The Creed in mind
  • Use the #ccc tag so other members can find your post
  • Copy the footer on your article to invite and encourage others to join
  • Go and support other #ccc posts with your upvote or comment. Engage!

As this is again a non-profit account, it does not require any return of any form. However, any voluntary support to grow this account will be greatly appreciated so it can also give bigger support to others or support more Steemians. Thank you for that!

Members come and go as they see fit for the growth of their account. At the end of the day, it feels good to look back and realize that sometime, somehow, some people were helped along their Steemit journey.

Happy Steeming and see you around!

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