General overview of Hive for Newbies

This is the first collection from @newbies-guides and includes a selection of very useful posts on the general overview of Hive. They are all long read, and cover different aspects of the Hive blockchain and ecosystem. If you would prefer to read bite size post related to a specific area, please keep a look out for our forthcoming collections.

This guide is written by a Hive witness @ura-soul. It has a handy table of content making it very easy to navigate and allows readers to jump directly to the sections they are interested in.

@ryzeonline was a newbie himself when he wrote this guide, but he did a lot of research and had input from many seasoned Hive users. It's a newbies guide written from a newbie's point of view.

This is the second part of @ryzeonline's guide. Did I tell you that apart from being a comprehensive guide, he's packed it with fun doodles created by himself?

The guide was written by @remotehorst23 a year ago. Despite it's age, the content is still very relevant as the basics haven't change.

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If you come across any post that will be an useful addition to @newbies-guide, you are welcome to suggest them to us on our Discord channel They can either be written by yourself or somebody else. You won't get any rewards for your suggestion but the post author will get rewards if we include them in the Collections. Plus you will be helping out newbies on Hive, and that's what matters!!!

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