Curation Circle Creed - a Proposal to Help Newbies to Start Earning 🍦🍧 🍭 🍮 🍰 🍳 🍔 🍒 🍎 🍍 His / Her Full Share on Day One!

Please see the same in French: Curation Circle Creed - une proposition pour aider les débutant à augmenter leurs gains ! ( traduction de @freedomshift) - translated by @aminuki

I have been thinking about ways for newbies to be able to gain exposure and start earning the little $ that the starter SP (15 SP) gives.

As we know, and will be a part of the orientation process (details to follow) to the proposed Curation Cricle, it would take about three times that, 45 SP (or 3 upvotes of 15 SP) to get a penny ($0.01) and more than $0.02 worth of upvotes to pay out.

Even at that, what's paid out for $0.03 worth of upvotes is not much - a fraction of the total vote value.

For the sake of not confusing the newbies, I won't get into too much details, yet ...

Thinking about it, an idea is born - What IF we create a Curation Circle, free to join at any time, for those who will abide by a common belief, a curaton circle's creed?

a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions.


Anyone who have 1. read the FAQ, 2. read the referenced posts below, 3. understood the following topics, and 4. agreed to abide by the generally accepted rules:

  • reputation score
  • SP
  • upvoting
  • resteeming
  • SPAM (do not SPAM)
  • plagiarism (no stealing)

How to Join:

How to use:

This might be controversial, but if a post is voted or flagged by @cheetah, @steemcleaner, @introbot, or @badcontent or similar bots, it is immediately disqualified.

Again, The key is to vote at the full 15 SP at over 80% strength and vote only 10 times on qualified posts and as stated.
For those who wish to participate but have more than 15 SP (effectively), upvote with the % to give a 15 SP vote as the newbies.

The Curation Circle Creed - Must include this in your post:

I will only post original contents (not counting graphics or external links) on steemit or busy only.

I will clearly and properly source references, text and other media, abiding by copy rights.

I will respect other people's opinion, nationality, religious belief, language, and culture.

I will abide by rules laid out in the FAQ and generally accepted by the community.

I will not self vote nor bot vote posts with #ccc (excluding @steembasicincome and @dustsweeper and bot votes not paid by blogger)

I will not use alternate accounts to hide self voting

I will only use this tag, #ccc, once per 24-hour period or agree to be disqualified.

Well, That's IT!

This will start things off and we will surely come across issues and will resolve it as a circle by feed backs here or on the latest weekly version post.

The first 10 valid posts, correctly following all rules and qualifications, will receive my full vote at 80% or higher.


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