6.30.18 Saturday or Cat-😺-turday (meow) - Updates on #ccc Rules, Upvotes, and Prizes 🏆🏅🐬 🐟 Giveaway

And, Welcome to #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside) <<< Please click and check out the details and qualifications.

6.30.18 Saturday (or Cat-turday - 😺 meow)

6.9.18 Saturday (or Cat-turday - 😺 meow) To Launch or Not to Launch - that is the Question! Upvotes and Prizes 🏆🏅🐬 🐟 Give-away - freedomshif Launched #ccc • 21 days ago. Upvotes and Prizes have been given. And, people have joined, and, some are regulars now.

We need to revisit the rules, but, most importantly, the purposes of #ccc.


This, the #ccc, is a "community" which is free to join (by using the #ccc tag) and free to not participate for any blog. But, on the day when you do join, and to qualify for the full benefits, you must give others what you expect to receive from them - it's a community of "newbies helping newbies" for guaranteed daily income and payout.

Up until now, for the first three weeks after launch, I have been upvoting blogs that do not follow the rules fully just to gain more acceptance of #ccc. But, this will need to change as the community grows - I'll not be able to upvote all of those who do not follow the rules (although I'll do so for new participants for a little while during the initial phase).

How Should It Work?

For "newbies helping newbies" to work, all participants should give what you expect to receive:

  • upvote 10 other participants, who followed the rules, at 12 SP or more (80% of the typical 15 SP for a newbie, but a lower % for those with more SP) on the day you participated (for this to become a "newbies helping newbies" for guaranteed daily income and payout, you must understand how SP is used or depleted and how it is regenerated (it is in the footnotes and references on the original creed: Curation Circle Creed - a Proposal to Help Newbies to Start Earning His / Her Full Share on Day One! - <<< please read!)
  • curate 10 qualified blogs - make meaningful comments and interact as appropriate

Updates on #ccc Rules


  • only one post per day / 24 hour period of original content (200+ words) can use this tag #ccc >> only one qualified post per day/24 hour, on average, is eligible for full benefits - upvotes and any posted rewards
  • report ~~ abuse(s) ~~ on the posts that you curate (5 before and 5 after) and on the latest updated version of the "Curation Circle Creed" - and - [do] not upvote on it
  • greet at lease 2 newbies the same day and


    • maintained at least 90% of SP before posting (or minimum effective vote power of 15 SP for below 90% vote)
  • refer them to the latest updated version of the "Curation Circle Creed" and
  • include their posts as comments on yours.
  • no self-vote on the #ccc post
  • no bot vote on the #ccc post

Upvotes and Prizes 🏆🏅🐬 🐟 Giveaway

  • referral bonus - this has not been very successful and will now end (although it is encouraged for your own benefits)
  • sponsorship of contests: I'll sponsor contests that also include: 1) the use of #ccc, 2) require following the same basic rules of #ccc (200+ of original writing and if based on photos, 3 original photos), 3) declared support of the creed, #ccc rules. For starters, 2 SBI for two top winners IF there is at least 12 "qualified entries" 1 - through 3 above). For 6 to 11 "qualified entries, I'll match up to 1 SBD of totat rewards)

For all future posts, please reference this post as the latest updated creed.

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