CommentCoin made in Germany. CC goes legal from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (ger:BaFin) in Germany?!

Dear CC-Users,

we want to update our work for you again and share our future.
In the last weeks you all see a lot of work and activity from us. That will not be stopped.

  • We work hard for a legal Licence from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany for our upcoming company.

This may need a lot of regulation paper work and knowledge about it. Becouse we in Germany are a folk who love paper work and regulations.

Short sayed:
We need more time to do that best we can.

  • That is just good for you becouse you are in a save as possible Ecosystem with using our Coin in the future.

One of our goals this year is to offer you a full working product with all little and big features you can wish.

We hope you all get with us and be a part of our commenting future.

Greetings and happy comments from your CC-Team:

@kristall97 [Code-Designer]
@alucian [Project-Designer]