Caturday Kitty's Point of View...

The Waking of the Humans...

This is fun.!! It starts with a pounce, a lick of the ears or noses. Then a sitting. That is right, I will crawl on top of the human and just sit and purr loudly. The human calls this "Making Biscuits?"

Chest Sittin (2) 2014.jpg

WTF is that?

I am using the human as a pin cushion, sharpening my claws, and tenderizing the meat suit these humans are wearing. As everyone already knows, We will eat you if you do not feed us...

These humans have No Furr. Strange creatures they are. Well ok, they have some in weird places..? Creepy huh?

The Feeding Frenzy...

The human calls us "Tiger Sharks." Because we circle his ankles, rubbing and meowing at them.


If he really knew cat language and was not just faking it, making up silly shit like he does, then he would know we are shouting...
"Hey Asshole, We are starving down here.!!"

The After-Frenzy...

As I sit here, next to my bowl, gaurding it from my siblings, no sharing for this krazzy-kitty. I wash my face, by licking my paws, digesting, and planning more kitty mischief...


The human fills a drink fountain he calls a coffee pot..?


It is noisy, it makes a gurgling sound, and Stiiiiiiiinks...

The water is black and smells awful. These humans are really weird.

Maybe if I sit here looking annoyed he will give me a splash of the white water he adds to the black water to make it a brown color.


So the human says? I do not know colors. Well OK I do a little. We will meow more about what my really cool eyesight is like on another post. I gotta go soon. The human wants his phone back. He says I am scratching the screen. Uhhhg, that means soon they are gonna trim my daggers again. I hate that.!!

My water fountain is so much better, clean, refreshing, and quiet with no stinky black stuff.


Hey! Now I am thirsty, hang tight while I tongue a drink...


I hope You all have a great Caturday!!

Shout out to a few really cool cats that have shown this old travelin' cat some love.
@hippie-witha-gun @curatorcat @dandays @galenkp @tarazkp

Meows, Purrs and Kitty Hed Bonks, to all the great Hivians who welcomed me here, and upvoted my first post. Us kitty's know you live to worship us and agree that You all are really Cool Cats Humans!!

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