Cats Eyes... What I See.

Cats Eyes vs. Human Eyes

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My Human says that He fell in love with my big blue eyes first. He said it was...

"Love at first sight,"

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But my first memory of these two humans, that worship me for my blue eyes, is them cutting open my belly button and plucking a huge bot fly larva (maggot) out of me. Sure, I know, they saved my life. But it took me many years to trust them, and not attack those human hands that I thought were trying to hurt me.

So all you humans reading this already know that us cats have better night vision than you do right..?

It looks something like this to us cats.


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I have super sensitive rod cells in my eyes. 6-8 more than you humans do.
Many people believe that us cats can see in the dark. But truth be told, we are blind as bats if there is zero light source. We need a fraction of light for our eyes to amplify. Many humans think we are nocturnal. Another truth is that we are most active near dusk and dawn. When there is low light that gives us the sight advantage when hunting our prey.

Our super cats eyes are also able to follow movement when the lighting is right with laser like accuracy. Our cat brain process decisions and reflexes much faster than dogs and other predators that may try to catch us. Dogs can smell slightly better than us. But they are too busy drooling and worshipping the humans.

The trick is to just let the humans worship us...

I rule my humans world like a kitty queen. √ out this photo with your human eyes.

KW Kitty (3) 5-7-2014.jpg

My human carries me around like the royalty that I am, see...

NM Walkabout.jpg

Hey human, you still reading this kitty post? Your eyes are not all bad. Yours have high def, and crisp clear colors.

catvision2 (1).jpg



img src
I cannot see very clearly close up. Or far away. About 20 feet away is purr-fect for hunting prey or laser toys.

These photos above are what scientists believe cats see they were created by..: Nickolay Lamm (a Pittsburgh-based artist) in collaboration with several cat and vision experts, they created a series of illuminating illustrations intended to capture the differences between cat vision and human vision.

Well people, cats, and all others who read this. Thanks for stopping by. Purrs and Hed Bonks. Come back soon for another @krazzy-kitty's point of view. And ice cream..!

I love ice cream.!!

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