The Dreem Of A Whale

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"Have you heard about the blue whale who helped that damaged ship get to port safely, Sarah?"

"No but I'm not surprised Renee, I heard about one who brought a load of priceless statues up, after the crate was washed over the side of a freight ship during a storm."

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Such conversations were becoming common throughout the world. It was speculated by scientists that blue whales were evolving. Some said that it was only a few, while others insisted that the behavior was spreading rapidly.

Those who believed that more individuals were taking part in the activity of helping humans were unable to agree on just why this was happening. Theories ranged from a rapid but natural development, similar to what was believed happened with Homo Sapiens, to a mutation.

They speculated such a mutation could have been caused by the global changes occurring, or even some sort of chemical reaction due to the dumping of waste.

One theory popular amongst the public even attributed the amazing revolution to a single whale, who was teaching the species a new behavior.

But the truth was, nobody really knew - except for the blue whales themselves.

"I don't understand Esie, why do you want to do this? They're such unpredictable little creatures. One day they'll help out if you get in shallow water, and the next they'll dump a ton of garbage on you."

"But isn't that a good reason by itself, Coral? They're obviously able to understand what they're doing. If we show them that we are capable of demonstrating love and compassion, perhaps things will change for the better. Regardless, it's just the right thing to do," Esie replied passionately.

"I suppose you're right, we do good things for each other all the time. Maybe we should help them too," admitted Coral reluctantly.

"Good, then you're in?" Esie asked excitedly.

"I still don't quite understand it, but I'm in. We never expect anything from each other for our good deeds. But at the same time, I don't remember any of our kind refusing help to another whale. I will approach this with the same attitude," replied Coral.

"I don't like it. Esie, I survived the days of the whalers. Don't let a few rescues from beaches fool you. They're killers, and clever ones at that!"

"But Grandpa, not all of them! That was a long time ago. And if any of them are still like that, we can show them a better way," insisted Esie.

"Maybe... If they even care to learn our ways," he grumbled.

"I learned to understand their language by following that ship, but I can't explain it well enough to teach you. Or you could listen for yourself," sighed Esie.

"It's about that Hive, Ecency, and Dreemport stuff you overheard on a pirate ship, isn't it? The whole dreeming, and spreading love to all sort of thing?" Grandpa asked grumpily.

"Yes! That's what made me realize that humans were more like us than we ever thought. They're actually very social towards each other. I thought maybe we could try," replied Esie, using her very best puppy dog eyes.

"Well... It can't hurt. I'll do it, under one condition," he agreed thoughtfully.

"Oh, thank you, Grandpa! What would you like for me to do for you?" she asked joyfully.

"Only one thing, and I hope you are already doing it. I want you to be extra careful around the humans," he replied seriously.

"I am, and I want you to stay safe too, Grandpa," replied Esie, as she nudged him affectionately.

Six months later:

"I'm so proud of everyone! You are each doing your best to help our little human friends, who are now working tirelessly to help us, and exchange knowledge," gushed Esie, as she faced a massive crowd of blue whales.

"Who knew their grunts and chatters had symbols we could learn to understand? And that once we figured out how to talk to them, they'd be so civilized," marveled Grandpa, as he looked at Esie with a mixture of pride and wonder.

"I have another surprise! The pirate captain named @dreemsteem who I learned how to speak human by following has worked with her crew to develope an underwater computer system. In particular she gives the credit to her trusty tech wizard @penderis . I will now be expanding my good deeds there - I will be the very first blue whale to use Ecency," she announced.


Ecency whale art by @dunsky , used with permission.

Dreemport logo is the property of @dreemport, used with permission.

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