How The Ecency Whale Got His Name

We all be sailin' aboard me pirate ship, The Flying Down, with Capt'n Dreemie. Sailin' fast for Thursday's port -but we be headin' for a hidden sand bar! Unbeknownst to any pirate, this sand bar was newly created in the last storm of the area, and if we hit it - we'd be marooned there for days!

Lo and behold - a massive whale starts headin' our way...

"Capt'n! Whale of the port bow! She's headin' straight for us!!!"

Right before she hits me ship - she crests the water - almost takin' flight over the ship! She creates a MASSIVE SPLASH and wave that begins to push our ship out of the way of the sand bar.

"Blow me down!!! She's trying to steer us off course! All hands on deck!!!" I spin the wheel back on course and try to put us towards our treasure destination - heading BACK towards the sand bar.

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With the ship back on course, I turn me full attention to the whale. She be huge, and more blue than I could imagine.

"Whale! I be hearin' your kind is supposed to be gentle giants. Why ye be tryin' to keep me from gettin' to me chosen destination?" I yelled out to the sea.

That whale didn't waste time in answerin'. A mighty splash, then dead calm, convinced me to drop anchor.

To my surprise, me first mate, @samsmith1971 said "Capt'n! Whale straight ahead, and she's comin' in fast!"

The creature was bigger than me ship, and swift as the wind. All I could do was pray she didn't send us all down to Davy Jones locker.

Right in front of the bow, the whale stopped, lookin' right at me like another person. After a few experimental blows, squeaks, and trumpets, words began comin' right out of the blowhole.

"First, you don't have to shout. Even underwater I can hear perfectly well. Second, you can call me Zidan."

"Well, Zidan... Thanks fer the introduction. But why ye be blowin' us off course?" I asked, once I got over me shock.

"That wasn't really my intention, there is a sandbar ahead. Unless you change course, you'll be trapped," said Zidan.

"Ah... I be owin' ye a debt of gratitude then, friend. Is there anythin' I can do to thank ye?" I asked.

"No thank you, just do a kindness to the next one you meet who needs it. My family taught me to help others whenever possible. Do you know what my name means?" Zidan asked.

"No, I can't say I ever came across such a word in all of me travels.." I said.

"Zidan means growth and progress. And ever since I began helping others while expecting nothing, I have had both. My mother learned the word from a fisherman who she helped to get home. The current took him far out to sea when he fell asleep in the hot sun, and he didn't know which way shore was," explained the whale.

"Then your family be havin' a history of helpin' others?" I asked.

"Yes, a very long history. My ancestors have always helped anyone who was in need," Zidan replied.

"A treasure of a heritage ye have, Zidan. Be there any way me crew and I can make it to our destination by Thursday?" I asked.

"You'll have to take the long way, but if you could make me a big loop on a long rope, I could help to tow you. Along with your sails, the ship should be there in plenty of time," offered Zidan

"I be extra grateful to ye. Would ye mind if I added yet another name for ye?" I asked.

"What do you have in mind?" Zidan asked curiously.

"I'd like to add me own special word, Lovelution, to the mix. We use it here on me ship any time someone does an unselfish act. Me thinks it fits you like a giant glove," I said, smiling.

"Why thank you, I would be honored!"
Zidan replied happily.

Soon we were underway, The Flying Down was goin' faster than she ever had. We were skippin' across the water like one of those water walkers I used to love to watch as a kid, only faster!

In no time, I heard @princessbusayo say "Land ho!"

As soon as we entered the beautiful little bay, Zidan slipped out of the harness. "Goodbye my friends, I hope we will see each other again," said the huge blue whale sadly.

"I think we shall. Until then, may ye have calm seas," I replied.

And with barely a ripple, our new friend disappeared.


Ecency whale art by @dunsky , used with permission.
Ecency hearts are the property of Ecency.
Dreemport logo is the property of @dreemport, used with permission.

Cover image made in Canva using their gallery and the sources mentioned above.

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