Happy Power Up Day Everyone

This is our second HPUD of 2023! My goals have not changed, and I am fairly happy with my progress.

I'm expecting things will become more and more interesting on the platform, now that Hive and BTC prices are moving. Our fairweather friends are sure to return soon!

Let's welcome them, and get them so involved that they'll never be able to stay away :) ...

A special thank you to some of my favorite communities and projects for helping me to grow, both as a person and as a writer 🙌

Dreemport is a place where you can connect with others who will read your posts - and in turn, you will be reading other's posts :) To sweeten the deal, you also earn tokens and playing cards while you do this!

Dreemport also has an awesome community which meets on Discord! On Thursdays you can even share yours and others posts live on Pimp Your Post Thursday 🙌 https://discord.gg/EyRU7V6



Feathered Friends

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to host Let Our Picture Tell Your Story 🙌 Also thank you for providing a warm, welcoming community.

The Inkwell

@agmoore is retiring from admin duty.

We will miss your wonderful input on our short stories. Thank you for your constant support of countless writers, you have truly changed lives ♥️

Never fear though, she is leaving The Inkwell in the very capable hands of the dedicated team. I urge you to check out the great prompts and contests.

Freewriters And Scholar & Scribe

Two other writing communities where you are welcome to practice pretty much any form of creative writing. Both are fun, friendly, and great places to connect!

Recently I have been trying to dive deeper into Hive-Engine. I have been doing at least a few trades each week to diversify my portfolio.

So far the experience has been both rewarding and fun 🙌 Which tokens will I focus on next month?

More LGN:

I love holding that token! Not only does it increase in price, but it pays out Hive🙌


I definitely want to increase my bag of this fun, profitable, and useful token. As you might have noticed, I love to support others with a tip of I can't upvote.

Doing some trading

What would you guys suggest for day trading on Hive-Engine? I'm looking for something with volatility and good volume, that I wouldn't mind holding onto.

Last but not least, if you are new I urge you to join Discord, where you can meet fellow Hive members by chatting in real time, by typing or voice. It will greatly increase the enjoyment and success of your Hive journey.

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