Happy First Power Up Day!

Happy First Power Up Day.png

Of 2023 that is 🎆

I'm truly excited to be starting out my new year right, by powering up all of my liquid Hive 🙌

I can't believe how far I have come, and it's all thanks to everyone who has shown me so much support. I don't think I've missed one day in 2022 of logging into Hive and interacting.

Not because of being consistent, but because I genuinely enjoy it, and want to check in. Even if I don't have time to put up a post, I love to check for notifications, and see what's new.

I'm also proud to see how much a few of my favorite Hive initiatives have evolved and grown :)

I guess Dreemport will always be my top one, because without its founder's encouragement I might not have been inspired to give Hive a real chance. Thank you @dreemsteem for showing me how special Hive is, then encouraging me to explore 🙌

Dreemport is a place where you can connect with others who will read your posts - and in turn, you will be reading other's posts :) And to sweeten the deal, you also earn tokens and playing cards while you do this!

Dreemport also has an awesome community which meets on Discord! On Thursdays you can even share yours and others posts live on Pimp Your Post Thursday 🙌



The Inkwell has undergone some changes as well as a lot of growth 🙌 The most notable changes are the Creative Nonfiction prompt, and the regular awards given to authors each week. I can't wait to see what's next!

Another surprise was Scholar And Scribe. An active, supportive community for all creative writing. My many series have finally found a home! I'm also loving the series posted there by @jfuji .

There are countless more, but unfortunately I don't have as much time to write today as usual, so I must keep this short and sweet. A happy New Year to all, and may Hive prosper, grow, evolve, and continue to be exactly what it is in 2023 - a home for all who love it!

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