My first wax NFT - Spiderbuds atomichub

Wow, I got to say thanks to @chubb149 for giving me the push to finally learn more about NFTs and the wax blockchain. When I saw the many posts about him learning out how to make NFTs and that he "airdropped" one I was going to look into making them.

I was quite shocked to find how easy it was to make my digital art an NFT. I am going to be making a sweet cannabis collection of NFTs. I am unsure if anyone will want to buy them but I will find out.

You can however check out my first NFT called spiderbuds, this is a #1-1 and backed by 5 wax.

chrubb nft.png

I have also gone ad shown my support and bought up some of the awesome NFTs just 3 as that is all I saw listed for now plus the airdropped NFT.

With wax, it seems like it is the art collector's dream and games like splinterlands are also listing cards for sale on wax so maybe soon we can see a swapwaxp-hive on tribaldex. This is likely in the works if the @splinterlands teams see support on atomichub.

With my understanding and looking around it seems like cards may actually be selling for a little bit more than on splinterlands marketplace itself. Maybe cause you actually can see that you own the card who knows really.

Final thoughts on the NFT's is if I can make a small amount of crypto off some of my photos than why not even if I can't it was worth learning