Guild Brawls With Pizza 2 - Brawls Now Give Out SPS!


Time flies! Just completed the 39th brawl with my awesome guild, which is none other than Pizza 2 The Deep Dish!

  • Fun In The Discord Chats

Really appreciated the interaction in the Discord chats within the Pizza guilds. During the preparation phase, there's a lot of information sharing and discussion on who to fill each fray. During the brawls, there were reminders to members to complete their brawl battles. And after the brawls, there were celebratory messages and some members (including me) would write about our experience in the brawls. Aside from brawls, I thought the donations were also very well organised and tabulated, with lucky draws to incentivise donors as well.

  • Staying In Bronze Fray

For this brawl, I decided to stick to what I fought in the last fray, which was Fray 6, which was 3/2/2/1. I felt I was starting to find my grove and this fray is neither too difficult nor too easy for me.

Had 8 battles this time and it was not an easy round. I had challenges fielding my lineups for some weird reason. Moreover, I have rented out most of my cards because I was playing lesser these days. Fortunately, the result turned out ok and wasn't as bad as I expected.

  • We Got 2nd!

So for the final result, we were back to the podium and finished 2nd out of 10 guilds but only got 862 Merits and around 10 SPS! An awesome result!


Individually, I had a whooping 8 fights this time and I managed to win 5 of them. Finished 2nd within the guild!


Let's jump into the battles!

Battle 1 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Trapp Falloway

I gambled with Trapp Falloway for a low mana battle hoping that my opponent would not put out a Cursed Windeku. The gamble paid off handsomely as there was no way for my opponent to turn the battle around once Trapp Falloway became Enraged. Easy win!

MVP: Trapp Falloway


Battle 2 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Palidon Rakk

In this Melee Mayhem battle, I went for a full lineup of Melee attackers and the team executed perfectly. Unicorn Mustang probably stood out with accurate hits and good protection of the backline from the opposing Katrelba Gobson.

MVP: Unicorn Mustang


Battle 3 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: None

Was outmuscled this time by higher levelled cards. I might have a stood a chance if the level of the cards were the same but my opponent lined up the cards very well too.

MVP: None


Battle 4 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Isgald Vorst

My head dropped when I saw the Llama/Kron combination because I knew it was extremely hard to beat. However, Brighton Bloom once again proved how good he was at Earthquake battles. In fact I have lost count how many Earthquake battles I have won in brawls, thanks to Brighton Bloom. Even with Last Stand, my entire team was hitting hard at Kron and it was a MASSIVE win for me!

MVP: Brighton Bloom


Battle 5 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: None

Wow what on earth is that summoner on the opposite end! Anyway, their Opportunity and Sneak cards hit a roadblock on my backline cards because Life Sapper and Venari Bonesmith had Life Leech and just wouldn't go down. Venari Bonesmith received the first ever MVP for defending the backline so strongly this time.

MVP: Venari Bonesmith


Battle 6 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: None

This loss was really down to pure bad luck. I was confident my lineup and my Level 3 Sea Monster but it had 3 misses against Chaos Agent! I could understand if my card had 1 Speed but Sea Monster had a Speed of 3. As a result of 3 misses, it was hunted down eventually.

MVP: None


Battle 7 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Alfredo

This was a pretty strong lineup from my side but unfortunately the opposing Level 2 Xenith Monk caused a lot of problems for me because of his healing ability (coupled by Venari Crystalsmith's Tank Heal). Despite spending a ton of time to clear the tank, it was a closely fought battle and I lost out by just 1 turn.

MVP: None


Battle 8 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Bertrol Gobson

Another Earthquake battle and another win for me! I just had more Flying cards to survive while my opponent placed all his hopes on Gelatinous Cube and it didn't work out. MVP goes to my tank for withstanding all the hits!

MVP: Mycelic Infantry


So that sums up my 8 battles for this brawl! A 62.5% win rate without any free wins so that's good enough for me!

Review Of Gladius Cards

The Merits are coming in fast and I have enough Merits for my 19th Gladius case! Not so fantastic but oh well, at least it's not the worst combination. It's the 2nd worst. Haha.


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Brawl Reports Of Pizza 2 Guild And More!

If you are interested to follow the guild brawls of the Pizza guilds, feel free to check out some of the brawl reports below!

That's all I have! Let me know if you have any thoughts too!

As always, thanks for reading and have a pleasant day ahead!

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