Case history: A conscious patient who turned out to be COVID19 positive || IAAC #25 || Actifit report and a win||

Hello, there! How are you? How is everything going on around you? Hope that everything is happening according to your plan and expectation. I am also fine, Alhamdulillah. This is my 25th #iamalivechallenge post, the project run by @flaxz. This is also going to be my today's @actifit report.
At first, I am going to share a case history of a conscious patient who turned out to be COVID19 positive. Following that, I will mention why I am grateful for today. And finally, I am going to share the proof of today's win. Hope that you will stay with me until the end of the post.
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Case history

In general, people in Oman, especially Omani, are very reluctant to take the PCR test for COVID19. Despite having a combination of symptoms, including respiratory symptoms, they do not want to do the test. One of the factors behind this is, no availability of a specific and 100% effective treatment for COVID19. They already know it. So, they just want symptomatic management. However, yesterday I got one Omani patient in my chamber who was kinda different from others.

He came with the complaints of fever, malaise and body pain. He wasn’t having any cold, running nose, cough, loss of smell or taste except mild soreness in his throat. He started having symptoms on the previous day. The next morning he came to me.

I found no fever and signs of throat congestions at my chamber. His vitals were within normal limits. However, he was worried about catching the COVID. Indeed he had a few symptoms in favour of the disease. He was eager to do the PCR test. Interesting facts were, he wasn’t worried about himself. Rather, he was worried for the people at his house (he was in the workplace, away from home when he got the symptoms). He wanted to be sure about COVID19, before going home so that he wouldn’t carry the virus to his elderly parents who had other comorbidities such as DM and HTN.

So, he did the test and today his report came as a positive one. Without having significant respiratory symptoms (such as cough, cold etc), he was still suffering from the COVID19.

He has done the right thing. He is having mild symptoms. But by knowing the reasons behind his illness, he can now take the necessary steps to prevent transmitting the virus to other family members or coworkers.

Why am I grateful for today?

I am grateful to my creator that I am alive today.

I am grateful to Allah because I had the milder form of COVID19.

I am grateful to my Lord because He made me a doctor.


Here is the proof of a win. It is a project run by @wil.metcalfe and @adventureready.

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