Catventures - How I started catsitting

"I want a dog."

Is what my girlfriend said one day.

"Well, maybe start out with checking if it fits in the lifestyle", is what I said.

My friend introduced me to a Facebook Group for dog and catsitters in Berlin. Perfect! If we could take care of an animal for a week or two, that should give some perspective in how introducing a pet to your home will affect your life.

So, that's what happened. A pet! But apparently not a dog. And apparently not just one.

Introducing --

Kafka and Nietzsche

Smol boi and big boi. Congratulations, we've just become moms of two wild boys.

header (2).png

One thing I did not expect -- cats do growl? I mean.. Like dogs.

The brothers were two rescues about a year ago. They ended up staying with Brian. Unfortunately, Brian got a job offer in the USA and went there to pursue job opportunities. Hence, catsitting! By the way, the $$$ is pretty neat :D


Kafka on the left, Nietzsche on the right



Kafka rethinking his life choices.

What's the funniest thing you encountered with a cat?


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