Was this really 6 years ago? How time flies...

Six years ago today, Ben and I got to attend the VIP launch of the Formula E season at Donington Park, which is the main base of operations for Formula E.


Ben had the experience of a lifetime when he got to go on a hot lap in the BMW i8 safety car with Nelson Piquet Jr. Good times! (Wow - check out that old logo, lol 😄)

For me, it feels like this was the beginning of what has become our Planetauto YouTube Channel - with many ups and downs, disabilities and dramas (and who can forget the pandemic??)

Ben and I are still here, with over nine thousand subscribers and counting, over eight hundred videos, consisting of reviews, road trips, shows, launches - you name it. We even hit a new milestone with our first review to hit over 100,000 views. Alriiight!

100 thousand - alriiight!.jpg

For me, seeing the i8 up close and personal for the first time was love at first sight - and it remains my favourite car to this day.


I even got the chance to go for a hot lap too, even though it was a wee bit difficult for me to get in and out of:


My hot lap was with Bruno Correia, and boy, was it fun! Zooming around Donington at over 130 mph was something else, I can tell you...


So here's to the next six years - and beyond - I'm excited to see where we go 😊

Thank you, all - and enjoy!

Annabelle 😊

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