The Commercial Vehicle Show Part 1 | Autumnal Tour 2021

The Commercial Vehicle Show is back after 2 years, now surprisingly many manufacturers didn't attend for example only one of Stellantis, Vauxhall.

This video features LEVC, Ford, Isuzu and Vauhall as well as some other manufacturers.

It was well worth attending and was dominated by electric commercial vehicles with the exception of Ford who had only one, the Electric Transit.

They did have some rather nice MS RT models though, this LIVE walkaround showcases many of the models on display.

Isuzu had a number of interesting vehicles including a tipper D Max and AT 35 D Max

The event covered two halls and featured everything from Pick Ups to Curtain side solutions, there were even electric scooters, the future of AA Patrols?

This is Part One of Three

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