The Buntingford Classic Car Show 2021

The Buntingford Classic Car Show is the one of the only car shows we've ever seen that shuts an entire town centre down so that you can park cars on the pavement!


Now celebrating its 20th year, this Classic Car Show had a number of vehicles, live music - and the thing is, it wasn't just cars either! It had Vespa's - there were Hells Angels in the crowd too - there was even a three wheeler Piaggio cheese van, which said on the back "No cheese is stored in the back of this van overnight" Love it. 😊

This amused Ben (no suprise there, lol)

Ben and Joseph arrived there at about 9AM, and they had already shut the roads down, and were only letting in exhibitor cars. In the background, all you could hear was the burble of V8's, which was quite strange for this kind of Tudor market town. However, it all made sense after we'd rolled in our Ford/Rover/MG convoy of cars.

Once parked up, we had a wander around, and we could see that this event was going to be a little different...we actually remark in the video that it was just like that part in Back to the Future when Marty Mcfly walks into Hill Valley in 1955 (Lorraine - you are my density)

As we don't want to ruin it, check out the two videos - there's everything from a Rolls Royce Wraith (1930) through to a Ford Popular V8, with a Noz canister that's the same size a school fire extinguisher:

Thank you, all - and enjoy! 😊


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