Autumnal Adventures in the Niro

It's strange to think that we are in September already - 2022 is literally aroud the corner, and I am still trying to get my head around what went down in 2020...

With all things events being quiet at the beginning - and even the middle - of the year, things have now well and truly kicked off over the past few weeks, so we are on tour (kind of, lol) in the Hybrid Kia Niro


We have four events attend this week - so there's a lot to pack in!

First off, we are attending the...


This is a great event to see the world of commercial vehicles, and we are looking forward to seeing what is new there. My favourite? I'm giddy about the new Musso pick up from SsangYong - yayyy!

We have one on review in a couple of months, so tomorrow will be the first time I get to see one in the flesh....😍😍

Next on the list is the Concours of Elegance 2021...

concours of elegance.jpg

Thanks to the pandemic, this event hasn't run since 2019. Held at the fantastic Hampton Court Palace and grounds, there is always something awesome to see here...I must remember to go and say hi to the mighty horse chestnut tree near the ground keepers hut.

The weekend kicks of with a trip for Ben and Joseph (from Lloyd Vehicle Consulting) to the Buntingford Classic Car Show!


An annual event sees the entire High Street turn into a playground for some impressive vehicles. This year they celebrate their 20th show.

And last - but certainly not least, is Salon Prive...

Salon Prive 2020.jpg

This was the only event we managed to attend last year, and even with all of the restrictions on place (limited numbers, social distancing - you name it) it was a great event to attend. Held at Blenheim Palace, it has a number of specialised days, running from Thursday to Sunday. Ben and I are heading to the Classic and Supercar Sunday.

Can you think of a better way to round off such a week?

Thank you, all...and enjoy!

Annabelle 😊

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