A First Look at the SAIC Maxus eDeliver 9 Medium and Long Wheel Base

At the 2021 Commercial Vehicle Show we got a first look at the electric version of the Maxus Deliver 9 - the eDeliver 9 comes, which comes in two lengths: the Medium Wheel Base and the Long Wheel Base.

The eDELIVER 9 is available with three battery sizes:
A 51.5Kwh battery - available on all models
A 72Kwh battery - available on all models
An 88.55Kwh battery - only available on the long wheel base model

All are configured with a 150Kw / 310 Newton meter low energy, high power motor, and they work in tandem to produce an impressive maximum range of 219 miles.

It's also capable of rapid charging too - with an 80% charge available in just 45 minutes, thanks to its battery cooling system.

It offers a highly competitive payload, with a choice of two options of a 3,500kg GVW or a 4,050kg GVW, offering a maximum payload rating of 1,700kg.

eDeliver 9_1.jpg
With spacious cabin seating, double wing rear doors, and a storage capacity of up to 11m3, this fully electric van might just be what your business has been looking for.

At the present time, not all technichal specificatioons have been released for the eDeliver 9, however we do know that prices are due to start at around £63,000.00 , making this electric van appealing from all perspectives.

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