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Like Riding Bikes.

I'm 33 & I'm going to learn how to drive. Here are some videos, tips, links, notes, in this post on driving. Yeah, I'm thirty-three years old & haven't gotten around to driving as I was off at 4 college, born in 1985 in Oregon. Was on mission trips in Hawaii, Quebec, Idaho. Worked at summer camps for 5 years. Was a dishwasher, landscaper, web designer, etc.

I make videos, draw, write, etc.

From 2012-2017, these past five years, I've been teaching English in Vietnam. So, long story short, been busy, & still single too, & I'm writing this to help me prepare myself to get a permit & then a license for driving cars near Seattle. I'm also interesting in learning how to shoot guns, solar power, water filters, buy houses, etc.

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Make sure you wear your seatbelt.

Make sure you get accustomed to where all the buttons, breaks, gears, switches, gadgets, radios, are. If you don't you may become too distracted while driving. When you're distracted, you can hit things. Better yet, and more importantly, and more generally, other cars, other vehicles, other things, may hit you when you are too distracted. Be careful. So, take the time to know the vehicle you're preparing to drive.

Practice driving in empty parking lots

Watch other people drive. Take notes. Take lessons via video games, driving simulators, go-carts, etc

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How-To Drive

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How should you start driving?

A. With your foot on the gas pedal? B. With your foot on the brakes? C. With your foot on nothing? D. With your foot on the gas and on the brake? The answer is B, on the brakes, to stop the car from moving forward on its own. Release the parking brake, if necessary. Stick the key into the key slot (ignition) which is generally on the right side of the steering wheel. Turn it from right to left, clockwise, to turn (start) on the car. Newer cars may have a power button that you press to start the car. Get to know your car before driving it.

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Smart cars can be dangerous for a bunch of reasons.

You want cars to have backup capabilities, as in backup plans, in case technology fails. Sometimes, when a smart car has technical difficulties, the car stops. The car may lock itself. It may just turn off. It may malfunction. Too often, people die. It depends, in some cases, on the smart car. Cars has been more mechanical than technical. It can be better for cars to be mechanical than for it to be too hackable via the Internet (WIFI), via many different things. It's better to buy cars as opposed to Lyft & Uber for the same reasons why it's better to own houses as opposed to renting apartments. I'm for the freedom of choice. Do what you want. But at the same time, I'm also for encouraging better choices, too. Almost as bad Amazon, Tech Giants, like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc, which are the puppets of China, etc. What kind of future do we want for our children?

Learn how to back your car out.

You'll need to learn how to reverse yourself out of a parking lot space, especially when there are a lot of cars around you. When backing out, your car may make a beeping noise like as if it was a UPS truck. Beep beep beep. If you're not going backwards, then you're not backing up. Double check and make sure you did the right thing to go backwards. Check your blind spots. Turn your head to look for people (pedestrians), cars, etc. Back out slowly. So, first, you put your car in reverse. Look around to see that you're all clear. Slowly & gently begin to remove your foot from the brake pedal & don't put your foot on the gas pedal (accelerator). When learning how to back out, you want to go slow. Take it nice & easy. When driving forward, your steering wheel will align. You turn right on the steering wheel to make the car go right. You turn the steering wheel left to make the whole car go left. When reversing (backing out), you should do the opposite like you would to fly like an airplane in real-life or as you may see in some video games.


How should you position your outside mirrors to eliminate blind spots?

A. All the way out to the sides? B. Nearly all the way into the car? C. So they overlap with the view from the rearview mirror? D. So they overlap with the backup camera's view? The answer is C, you want the outside mirrors to overlap with the rearview mirror.


When beginning to drive.

Come to a complete stop. Put your left foot on the brake pedal. Shift your car into Drive so it can begin to move forward. After that, take your left foot off the brake pedal. Slowly put your right foot onto the accelerator (gas pedal). Hence the phrase, "Step on it," which means, "Drive faster." Step on the gas pedal more so, harder. People may say that when they racing or in a hurry. When learning to drive, you may want to not step on it too much. Take it slow at first, like backing up. Begin to step on it, more and more. Continue to accelerate when driving until you reach the speed limit or the limit you may want to drive. Hold your steering wheel with both hands at the 9 and 3 o'clock position.

Keep your hands balanced.

Make sure you use blinkers when you need to. Learn how to make turns. Learn how to switch lanes. Make sure you stay four seconds or more behind traffic. Make sure you can count four seconds before you pass whatever the cars ahead of you pass. See a tree a car is passing. Begin counting slowly as the car ahead of you passes the tree. Count to like four seconds. Make sure you're not passing the tree after like one second. The faster you are driving, especially faster than 50 miles per hour (MPH), the more space you should have between you and the traffic in front of you. Beware of blind spots when changing lanes. When counting slowly, you count, "One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand," for each second, and so on and so forth. When driving in reverse, the turning is in reverse as well. Drive defensively. Don't assume too much about other vehicles, cars, pedestrians, people in general, when driving, when living as well. Use all your senses and remember, "Better safe than sorry."

Be as cautious as possible.

Don't drive too slow like old ladies. Don't drive too fast like young ladies. Actually, young men. In Vietnam, they call the reckless drivers the bad boys. When I was in Vietnam, a young fella drove me around on his motor-bike at high speeds. Very fun and also very dangerous. Many people die in bike accidents, car accidents, collisions, on roads, highways, alleys, streets, all over Vietnam, each day. So, be careful, or die. Stay in the right lanes for slower speeds. The leftmost lanes are passing lanes, like for driving faster. Try to only pass cars on the left and not the right. Try not to drive beyond five MPH beyond the speed limits. Generally, cops won't ticket you if you keep that in mind. Be even more careful when driving in the rain, in the dark, in the ice, in the snow, during storms, during disaster times, during abnormal weather, etc. Be as courteous as possible when driving. Use your horn when you need to alert others of important things. Try a light honk for smaller things.

Be courteous but not too courteous.

Be as courteous as possible but don't break rules, laws, regulations, in order to be courteous. When you get to a four-way stop (intersection), don't let others who got there after you go first. That can cause additional problems then and down the road as well. Bad habit to have. Bad thing to teach others. Good to follow protocol, policy, rules, as order & structures helps more than we may know, generally. Have some fun. Try to not to be too fearful, afraid, scared. That may make you drive worse. Be careful but not too careful as to hurt yourself. have some balance in life in having confidence in what you are doing.

Why shouldn't you pass a truck on the right side of the road?

A. Because it'll fall right onto you? B. Cargo is packed on the right side? C. The driver has less control of the right side of the truck? D. Trucks have larger blind spots on the right side? The answer is D, it has a bigger blind spot on the right as the driver's seat is on the left side in America and on the right side in England which then reverses the answer there. Please learn how to parallel park. Learn how to merge into heavy traffic. Learn how to use roundabouts. Learn how to drive uphill and downhill. Learn how to save gas.

You mostly need to know how to parallel park, where?

A. City. B. Country. C. Ocean. D. Mars. E. Town. F. Beach. G. Volcano. The answer is A, in the city. Should we live in smart cities, inside smart houses, with smart phones, driving around in smart cars? No, that's pretty dangerous. You can if you want, but it's going to kill you more so that way. Some cars may have three pedals for manual transmission. It's more complex than automatic transmission. Make sure you brake slowly, strongly, boldly. It needs to be gradual enough when stopping. Make sure the vehicles behind you have enough time to respond, to react, to slow down as well, if need be, when you are preparing to stop. Focus on the brake pedal, not on the gas pedal, when going downhill.

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Learning To Drive

Published in November of 2018 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN
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