In the beginning stages of blockchain network and cryptocurrency, there were a lot of difficulties on using the system such as transactions. Today, with the rapidly developing blockchain technology, people can see that these transactions can easily be done through digital wallets like Coinbase, Trezor or stock market accounts like Kraken. Currently, with social networks like Reddit or Steemit, or with almost every new projects, the blockchain world continues to grow and develop rapidly. In this context, when we look back a couple of years past, we see that the blockchain technology has undergone very serious progress, and it seems that there will be more in the coming period.

I have been following many ICO Projects based on Blockchain network, but I am really surprised to encounter a project called Cardstack. You ask why? The idea behind it is excellent and I can say that it really responds to the needs of the future. They have also worked very hard and technically, and you will understand this by watching the following video.

What is Cardstack?

In short, I can say that the internet is not centralized. In fact, although the internet "www" protocol was originally designed as a decentralized system, it has to be accepted that it has eventually turned into an ecosystem confined to programs like "Google" and "Facebook". What does Cardstack want to do? It wants to control everything from dApps which are based on blockchain to the classic internet system (Google, Apps, etc.) for you. In this way, we can also say that in a sense blockchain may be easier to interact with the internet.


On the other hand, it also wants to make cryptocurrency the central element of the decentralized internet. We can say that the dApps or other used elements are to produce tokens as a natural passive miner. With this Neo-Internet system information will be precious. As I told above, the project is really comprehensive and complex, but it shows that they are serious.

Cardstack Token (CARD)

This token will be used as a utility token and in a way to create interaction between users and businesses via different blockchain networks, decentralized protocols, dApps with their own cryptographic support, and cloud technologies. In this token, SSC Coupons fixed in US dollars will be used.


In the targeted ecosystem, I can say that the cardstack is able to reach the desired instantly as a conductor of an orchestra in a totally decentralized interaction structure and it can be said that it is required to be realized at the cheapest, fastest cost. In this system, the stock exchange and exchange transactions, rewarding with tokens, mining, coupon and token usage wil be basic elements.


Even if you do not participate in the project, you should definitely check the links below to open your horizon.
Ann Thread
Twitter page
Facebook page
Telegram group chat

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BTT URL:;u=2034249

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