Ouroboros Protocol - Whiteboard pictures from the Meetup

The first Cardano Kyiv Meetup on the topic of Ouroboros protocol took place in Ukraine on August 28, 2020. The speaker was Prof Roman Oliynykov from IOHK, cryptographer, IT security researcher, lecturer, Ph.D. The meetup was sponsored by AzureADA (ticker: AZUR) – Cardano stake pool operator

Roman Oliynykov introduces the Ouroboros family protocol to the Ukrainian crypto community and those who watched the meetup online: “Ouroboros protocol is really interesting and has really bright ideas that within it and I'm very proud to be part of the team that works and develops such protocol.”

Roman spoke a little bit about the general properties of consensus protocols, specifics of Proof-of-stake protocols, about Ouroboros classic protocol, how it works, and the family starting from Ouroboros Praos and finishing with Ouroboros Crypsinous.

In this meetup, we achieved the convergence of online and offline presence and participation of the Cardano community. The sound could be better and the grass could be greener, but we did what we could. The video is available here:

Roman Oliynykov is a frequent speaker at the top crypto-conferences in Ukraine, so next time we’ll record his speech with a better quality and we will continue to make Cardano meetups in Ukraine and other countries.

We are sharing the whiteboard pictures in the same order as they were made.

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