This week in Crazy-town USA.


A man rammed his car into a barrier in Washington DC, getting out of the car and stabbing a cop to death in the process and getting himself shot to death. He was black, as the video footage shows. And it turns out he was a follower of the radical black group Nation of Islam but the blue-check Twitter elite called the man a White Supremacist. YouTube won’t even let content creators say the word “supremacist” under the threat of banishment; the word “fraud” is also banned I believe. (Shows to go ya what’s real and what is not, right?) The men who attacked two elderly Asians in New York City recently (one of whom was on parole from his life sentence for stabbing his mom to death in 2002. Come on! Give the poor guy a second chance!) were called “attackers” even though their race was quite evident on video and in published pictures; but the man who shot several women to death in Atlanta was called a “white attacker” because "racial justice" according to the Woke religion, one supposes.

The state of Vermont opened up Covid vaccine availability to anyone over 16 as long as they “identify” as being any colour but white. White Vermonters can only get the jab if they are over 50. Personally I think anybody who gets the jab is foolishly offering themselves up to be human guinea pigs; but Vermont’s systemic racism is on proud and loud display, that’s for sure. Only now it’s GOOD racism, anti-white racism, not that BAD old anti-minority racism. Anti-white racism is GOOD racism because it discriminates against the majority – you know, that majority of the population that elects the majority of legislators, theoretically, very theoretically. So I guess that must be swell and neat and dandy, huh?

Half of Americans think vaccine passports would be a good idea, says a late poll. A CNN analyst fears that Americans may start “enjoying freedoms” without getting jabbed unless Biden issues vaccination passports as a condition to being allowed to travel on any public transport. Americans busting out and enjoying freedoms without getting jabbed? Yikes! Scary stuff, kids! What does it say on the Statue of Liberty? “Give me your masses yearning to breath free”? Doesn’t say “yearning to breath through a medical mask” as far as I know. And what about all those tired and poor and huddled masses of unprotected children now being trafficked by Mexican cartel “Coyotes” over the Tex/Mex border in a wave bigger than any seen in 20 years? Are they yearning to breath through medical masks and be issued passports so they can bus to work?

Meanwhile Governor DeSantis of Florida has banned vaccine passports in the state. Other rebellion is brewing in Georgia as the state passes a law requiring voters to show picture ID to validate their ballots. Up here in Canada we call that the minimum requirement to prevent election fraud but down in DC the Democrats and Biden call that voter suppression.
Today in Crazy-town down south. Used to be sleepy-time down south but not these days.

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