Time to trim some massive buds


Gonna be busy for the next few hours trimming these massive buds off my bubblegum plant. It spent about 36 hours in the dark tent and it is crazy how much that helped to fatten up the buds and make them super frosty with trichomes.


I can’t wait to dry these out and then give h tho em their final trim in about 5-7 days so I can figure out how much these all weigh. My first guess is that they are close to 70 grams or so once they are dried.

Ive got a few things in the mail for my next seeds so I can keep trying new things to increase the quality of my cannabis. Now for some tunes and trimming. Most people hate this part, but I really enjoy trimming and making the buds look awesome.

What is your least favorite part of growing cannabis? I think mine would be curing, just because it takes so long and the bud is right there in your face every time you burp the jars but it isn’t ready yet.

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