Shout out to our redneck buddies to the North

I have to admit that while I suspected that it would be the case I was unaware of the extreme nature of some of the people in Canada. I have never been to Canada but would like to one day. Those areas to the North West just look incredible. Tons of wide open space that unfortunately is only habitable about 4 months of the year.

When I first saw The Trailer Park Boys I have to say that I was wildly entertained because what I was watching is what people kind of think of American rednecks and I am sure that what they are doing in Trailer Park Boys is probably actually really rare if it actually embodies anyone at all.


I bet it was a lot of fun being involved in this project and the guys who made it, when I have seen them do a few interviews where they aren't in character they are really intelligent and genuinely funny people. I suppose they would need to be in order to make this show because the early episodes look like they didn't have much money to play with.

They certainly do now.

Some photos popped up online of the cast members going to parties in character and just hanging out with people while rarely breaking character. I, unfortunately was not there but I bet it was an absolute blast.


Randy and Mr Lehey aren't the main 3 characters but if there was going to be supporting actors it would definitely be them.

I wonder if it tough for Randy to go to these things knowing that he is going to have to be shirtless all the time at them. I suppose the good news for him is that he is one of those stars that will never be expected to be thin for roles in the future. In fact, if he were to lose his iconic gut he would probably lose followers.

If you haven't seen the show you really should check it out. I laugh a lot when I see it. And if you don't like it you can frig off!

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