State of tyranny in Canada just a repeat of history?

Rebel News reports:

We caught up with Pastor Artur Pawlowski at police headquarters, where his baggage was being held hostage after his SWAT team-style arrest at the airport. Artur shared his testimony with us, confessing his concern for the future of not only himself but the country.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski should be a person of no news interest, being as he is an ordinary private citizen of Alberta, Canada, the pastor of a small Christian church. But the Premier of Alberta. Jason Kenny, has chosen to make a political example of Pastor Artur by ordering the Alberta police to persecute him. For daring to hold a religious service with his small congregation Pastor Artur was arrested and jailed, then he was released and then he was re-arrested by a sizeable troop of police officers who chased him down as if he were a bank robber, cuffed him and dragged him to the wagon and slapped him into jail. He was released again and has spent 4 months travelling in the USA to tell his story of political persecution in my free and lawful country I used to think I had.

Upon arriving home, on the tarmac of the airport Pastor Artur was arrested and cuffed again. He was given no opportunity to even talk with his wife and children let alone hug his 12 year old daughter. He was separated from his luggage and his backpack which contained his laptop and phone and all his data, his private possessions and his confidential, private e-documents. When he asked the police where his stuff was they said they didn’t know.

He heard vaguely that he was arrested because he had held a Christian service for his small congregation back in June in defiance of the “Covid rules”. Now he apparently will be back in court on October 13 in jeopardy of being jailed for 21 days for defying not the laws, not the constitution, but a judge’s gag order regarding "Covid rules” which no longer are in force.

Right now they aren’t in force, but unlike laws which are accessible to all, being enacted by our legislatures and written down in the Criminal Code of Canada, “Covid rules” can be and are changed at the whim of Premiers and Prime Ministers in obedience to their superiors, the Public Health Officers who are themselves under the orders of Anthony Fauci.

Pastor Artur, thank God, has Rebel News on his side otherwise none of us would know how he has been arrested and persecuted and his luggage stolen from him by the police on the orders of the Premier of Alberta in complete defiance of the laws and the constitution of this country. I do have a bit of acquaintance (not in handcuffs, thank God and sheer chance) with the way Canada works and I can tell foreigners, especially my American friends, that we up here do not have a Bill of Rights, a Fifth Amendment or a Constitutional guarantee of rights. We don’t even have Habeas Corpus up here, not if our political and bureaucratic bosses want to ignore it. Sure, we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms but the last year and a half have made it obvious that this Charter is worthless if Premiers or Prime Ministers order the police to zero in on any one of us.

I knew the potential was there for this lawless arbitrary police state “governance”. I have watched the development of this potential for years. In Canada we have a political system much closer to the British model. But unlike that model we also have a federal system, we have Provinces (but only 9 of them) and a federal government. That makes our Premiers the undisputed bosses of very considerable chunks of our nation. We have Parliaments in which our top leaders, prime ministers and premiers of our 9 provinces, are members of the legislature, not separated from the legislature by any check or balance. This means inevitably that when a governing party has control of a parliamentary majority the Office of the Premier, and federally the Office of the Prime Minister, has what practically amounts to dictatorial power if the Premier or the Prime Minister wants to push the issue.

I watched as our last Prime Minister, Steven Harper, became the first and only Prime Minister since 1867 to be censured by the House of Commons. He should have resigned and called an election. But there was and is no constitutionally mandated body in our system of government which had the power in law to make him resign. The Governor General, appointed by the PM, had no power at all to make him resign. The so-called Opposition parties of the House of Commons had no power and no guts to co-operate against him. Our Senate has no power, being composed of Senators appointed by our Prime Ministers, leaders who have the potential to rule Canada for decades. So the Prime Minister’s Office (and the Office of every Premier of our provinces is the same), composed of appointees who don’t even have to be citizens of our country, is the unopposed executive dictator of our country.

Stephen Harper demonstrated to all of Canada that the House of Commons is too fragmented to present any real obstacle to this absolute power by refusing to resign. I knew what a historical fork in the road that was; I have my copies of the letters I sent to politicians and Senators at the time. Now here we are 8 short years later. The Prime Minister of this paper democracy is imprisoning our innocent citizens in secret hotels on the pretext of a forced medical test known to be completely bogus (which is in itself an illegal act according to the Nuremberg Code which is the law of this land). And Premier Jason Kenny of Alberta is also demonstrating how this country has become no different from Communist East Germany as it was fifty years ago.

No “mainstream news outlet” here, notably our government funded and completely corrupted CBC, has given Pastor Artur or any of the many people who have been roughed up, arrested, fined and persecuted, any publicity. There has only been Rebel News to put cameras on the police to embarrass them. They know very well they are doing wrong.

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