Is a new Invisible Government, a secret arbitrary bureaucracy, being created and tested on our people?


A complaint has been served on behalf of Canadian citizens who have been abused by the police, social media and BC’s Public Health Officer it has come to the attention of the BC Supreme Court that during the alleged pandemic in Canada still allegedly ongoing, citizens of BC have been specifically targeted for harassment, abuse, false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, intimidation, fines and concurrent harassment and hate via social media. Virtual social media mobs have made their ugly appearance in tight co-ordination with the most shocking abuse of the civil rights of targeted individuals by law officers. People who have simply insisted that they have medical exemptions to wearing a mask or have insisted that police officers and Health Canada officers and Public Health officers respect the civil rights guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the privacy laws of Canada and even the Quarantine Act have been and are being targeted for co-ordinated harassment.

The shocking accounts of abuse which have been presented to the BC Supreme Court add up to the impression that individuals are targeted because they have had what the new arbitrary Powers that Be regard as the impudence to know and cite the law. People who have had the impertinence to expect that police officers will respect the law have had themselves and their documents handed off by police officers to “Health Canada” officials who smirk and bluster and issue arbitrary punitive fines.

One man who insisted on keeping open his yoga training studio, his only dwindling means of livelihood for his family, was called out on social media and repeatedly harassed by police and “Health Inspectors". Social media mobbing occurred simultaneously which personally targeted him and even his family to the extent that he was recognized and intimidated in stores and on the street. He was followed whenever he left home and his ability to leave home for necessities was progressively restricted. Finally he was accosted in his parking garage by police, arrested and cuffed and jailed with no explanation of any charges given, nor was his family told what had happened to him as he languished in jail denied clean cloths or a shower for days on the pretext that he was ‘contagious’ because he refused to be subjected to a PCR “test”.

I’m reminded of a quote from Napoleon: “Hang a few to encourage the others.”

I can’t escape the impression that individuals who object to the arbitrary power of “Public Health Officers” and insist on the law being obeyed by such officials are being selected to serve as examples in a new version of the Napoleonic principle.

It really looks as if a co-ordinated bureaucracy, a parallel invisible “government”, is being constructed and tested on targeted individuals to display to the general public what happens to people who insist on our laws and constitution being respected. Now and for almost two years past there has been a New Order, a parallel invisible “government” being built using the pretext of “Health”. This New Order is lawless. In fact it seeks out opportunities to make a mockery of our laws and constitution. An oppressive Absolute bureaucratic Dictatorship is being constructed and tested on our people.

The CBC and other mainstream news outlets have shown co-ordination with this new invisible parallel power structure. RCMP officers and municipal and provincial law officers have shown co-ordination with abuse campaigns. Social media platforms, Twitter and others, have also shown co-operation in abuse campaigns. Publishing the pictures of targeted people in newspapers and on social media has been a way to excite the worst tendencies of the worst among us to physically abuse and harass these targeted people and even their children.

Those who want to insist on a real Canada of legally respected civil rights, as distinct from a cosmetic simulation, are being segregated. We are to be the diseased ones, the sectioned off people, the people you never see at public events or travelling with you on planes or trains. We’ve been identified and tracked.

I’m looking at a letter personally sent to me by my MP. I’m assuming we got to be personal correspondents because I sent this MP emails complaining about the illegality of the Covid measures. I even sent her a notice that I knew of testimony before Parliament which she must have heard which affirmed that her Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff was having false stories published by the CBC.

This letter looks like the usual campaign bumph. But it contains the announcement that “moving forward” a Vaccine Passport, and of course the injections (any and all injections ordered now and in the future) will be required if I want to travel on planes, trains or cruise ships.

Outlined in red ink is a further plan “going forward”. After this “pandemic” is over Canada will have a strengthened Climate Change strategy. The support of the former head of the Green Party is cited. So the ruling Liberals will be joined by the Green Party to change the “climate" for the Greater Good. Will that include some sort of a “passport” as well? Why not?

I’m a student of history so I know that in times past in countries we called “banana republics" sending letters to the government was a naive and dangerous way to be targeted. Just in case, I’m not going to write any more letters to the cosmetic structure that calls itself our government, the House of Commons and all that window dressing. There’s a new “Government” "going forward”. It will be invisible, a parallel netherworld located in the permanent bureaucracy whose multiple tentacles all join in the Prime Minister’s Office. Future prime minsters will be increasingly cosmetic as well, I predict.

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