Meeting Ronald McDonald

Bart Simpson!

Don't have a cow, man.

Before It.

He was afraid of Krusty the Clown.
Wait, just kidding. Eat my shorts.
Just his clown bed.

1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-11.png

Scary McDonald

Apparently, Crystal was fearful of Ronald McDonald when we met him.

When was this?

This was on that Saturday, the 21st of March, 1992.
1993-03-21 SAT | McDonald's | Forest Grove, OR

Where was this?

This was at our local McDonald's in our hometown.
Forest Grove, OR.

Who was this?

Our neighborhood-friendly Spiderman.
I mean, neighborhood friendly Ronald.
Have it your way?

1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-01.png

Old McDonald had a farm, or a store.

1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-03.png

Play Place

Before Sony had a Playstation.
McDonald's had a Play Place or playground.

1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-04.png


Before like Y2K, McDonald's added video games here.
Nintendo 64, for example.

1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-05.png

Mother is taking the photos.

See me and my 3 siblings.
From oldest to youngest.

Katie in her chickens shirt.
Rick in his Mount St. Helens shirt.
Joey (me) in a McDonald's shirt.
Crystal in pig tails and a dress.

1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-06.png
1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-07.png
1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-08.png
1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-09.png

Clown University

Ronald saw my big orange shoes.
He asked if those were my dad's shoes.
Ron said they were like big clown shoes.

Also, big socks.
I was a bit shy like Crystal.
I was kind of shocked.
Was taking it all in.
Wasn't sure what to say.

1992-03-21 SAT Meeting Ronald McDonald-10.png

Meeting Ronald McDonald

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1993-03-21 SAT | McDonald's | Forest Grove, OR
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